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Imprinted 8 oz Square Mason Jars

You and your guests are truly in luck with these Imprinted 8 oz. Square Mason Jars as while they ensure the perfect presentation of your edible favors and little gifts, like 6 to 8 oz. premium scented candles, lucky recipients can eventually enjoy them as food jars and rustic accents, i.e., as mason jar candle holders and tea caddies, on their chic abode. Made of food-safe glass, which can withstand the high heat required in the hot-fill and water bath canning of tasty treats, like jams and jellies, your friends and loved ones can get a little help from them, too, as measuring glasses. That is because of their bonus volume or gradation embossing on one (1) side.

Nothing beats than having custom printed giveaways that can make everyone feel truly special and appreciated. Square Mason jars have many and unlimited modern uses aside from being a classy custom imprinted favors that you can share with your guests.

Other Uses of Square Mason Jars:

Mason jars are famous for its usefulness in canning and they can be used in many other purposes as well.

1. Home decor these mason jars can be a perfect part of your home decor. Simply collect them all and place some candle or anything that can bring color and life into your home.

2. Organizer/Holder they are big help in organizing crafts or office items. Your house, room, or office will be organized with the presence of this jar.

3. Storage Container it can contain your candles, small gifts, or any other items for small business to place your products.

Types of Mason Jars According to Mouth Size

There are two popular sizes of mason jars and they are Wide mouth and Regular. Others prefer wide mouths because they are easier to fill and empty at the same time. While others used the regular mouth most of the time to contain or store their personal stuffs.

Types of Mason Jars According to Size

The customized imprinted mason jars can come in many sizes such as 250ml, then the most commonly used are 500ml or 1 pint or 1 L same as quart. There are also 2L or 2 quart/half gallon jars. The shape of the jar may vary depending on the size of the mouth of the jar and style.

Try these personalized square mason jars and make it as a part of your wedding, anniversary, birthday or any special celebration. Your guests will be truly grateful upon receiving these customized printed favors.

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