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Glass coasters will bring a touch of elegance and intense beauty to your reception tables. It will serve as perfect way to send out your heartfelt gratitude to your guests. For seasonal weddings or occasions, we have many different favors to offer including personalized coasters, personalized favors, personalized glassware and many other wonderful products that you will be interested of.

A glass as a material possessed a character of elegance as a heart of its essence. This is due to its vulnerability that contrasts with its beauty and shine. Glass has been considered as a unique material by many people and great thing about it is that it can be formed in many different shapes and styles. For themed wedding favors or seasonal wedding favors, there are lots of different products that you can find such as glass coasters. We have seasonal patterns and colors that will show the season that you want to have in your wedding and make your guests feel the very essence of that season or theme.

Having glass coasters as a favor has its own advantages and disadvantages and here are to name a few:



Having fused glass coasters can add beauty to your décor and give a unique and contrasted look in your furniture. What makes it unique among the glass coasters is that it can be used a decorative tile pieces in your bathroom walls and other rooms as well. With its many types of glass coasters available in the market you will surely find them all interesting and useful. It can add a great sparkle and improve your table setting in your wedding reception.

No maintenance required

It does not need a great maintenance like any other coasters such as slate, granite and stone that will take a lot your time just to clean them up. Coasters that are made from glass are strong and have low chances of having permanent stains on it. All you need to do is wash it with water or simply wipe it using a piece of cloth.


They are actually very affordable compared to any other types of coasters like the ones that are made from marble, slate, stone and granite. You can definitely save a lot in your favors.


Not Absorbent

They are not absorbent as the stone or granite coasters so it often gets messy.

Chips easily

Glass materials are highly susceptible to chipping and shattering in short they are breakable. They are not quite safe to use where children are around. They get sticky if not washed properly.

With this helpful information given, you may now have a good idea on what type of drink coasters to buy. We absolutely have various designs of glass coasters for you to choose from. With our wide variety of drink coasters you will surely find one that will not only suit to your theme or occasion and will go perfectly with your budget.

We offer durable and affordable favors not just for weddings but for birthdays, anniversaries, shower parties and many more. Take time to check all our products and enjoy ordering them all.

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