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Horse Portrait Natural Sandstone Coaster (Set of 4)

Product Information

Item #:TSGG19

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Product Size: Measures 4" in diameter

Product Material: 100% Natural Sandstone

Processing Time: 1-2 business days (excludes transit time)

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Price: US $21.00

Sale Price: US $16.00

This Horse Portrait Natural Sandstone Coaster Set, which features Sir Greg Giordano's warm and richly-hued painting of a wild horse, is an absolutely beautiful set of drink coaster and art piece for your home and office. A closer look at the image of the horse, and you can almost see how ritzy and so right these Horse Portrait stone coasters are for when you're lounging or entertaining with your brood over coffee, wine, or whiskey. Their highly-absorbent, durable, and heat-resistant sandstone material is a plus for these guarantee the excellent protection of your tables from the condensation rings, bumps, and heat of up to large drinking glasses. Add the lasting print of their horse design, these Horse Portrait sandstone coasters will do more than simplify the way you enjoy a drink, but also keep you company for the years to come. Features:

  • These Horse Portrait Natural Sandstone Coasters are sold in sets of 4
  • Each Horse Portrait Sandstone Coaster in the set measures 4" in diameter
  • Made in USA from 100% natural sandstone
  • Each coaster set will have natural variations of sandstone color and patterns which makes it popular
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