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Paper Coasters
Welcome to our Paper Coasters Section! In this page you will surely enjoy our Blank Paper Coasters Wholesale products that you can use for numerous types of occasions.

Perfect to be a favor or souvenir pieces for occasions such as corporate affairs, alumni homecomings, conferences, sports event, weddings, birthdays and many more and one great thing about paper coasters is that it can be customized. You can have your chosen design or company logo imprinted to achieve the look and message that you want to convey to your guests or clients.

Paper coasters are exceptionally affordable way of advertising your company or making your guests at your special event happier and satisfied. Important occasions bring a lot of people together and drinks are usually part of the event so here are some paper drink coasters that you can use to make the event memorable:

Pulpboard Coasters Blank

Pulp board coasters blank are strong and perfect marketing tool for any business. Made out of pulp board which makes a good drink coaster that can surely protect your furniture or table top. Pulp-board coasters are wonderful way of sharing your corporate logo or company's promotions home with your clients. They are inexpensive and most wanted keepsakes. They are famous favors for weddings and any other promotional events.

Chipboard Coasters

Chipboard coasters are type of coasters that can absorb ink beautifully. Made from durable chipboard material that can come in square or round shapes, these chipboard coasters can be a perfect mate for your paper crafting projects such as ornaments, wall hanging decor, frames and many more.

Paper Coasters Personalized

Paper coasters personalized is one way of sending your message of gratitude to your guests. You can practically choose your favorite designs to be printed on each coaster. Made from extra thick paper material which can withstand on a light use of liquids, these paper coasters personalized are perfect for restaurants use since they are by nature disposable.

Blank Cardboard Coasters

Blank cardboard coasters can give way to your creativity. You may add design that you like to these cardboard made drink coasters. It may come in rounded or square shape that will surely fit your drink coaster needs.

These paper coasters are not just to protect your table surface from stain or beverage ring but to impress your clients or guests as well. Definitely, Paper Coasters are something that you and your guests would be fascinated about. They may look disposable, but actually durable enough to be reused many times and they do not tear off easily when wet. They are thick enough to absorb spillages and the moisture from the glass and most importantly, they are made from biodegradable material that comes from a natural source.

Here at Glasscoasterstore.com, we want to be a part of the important milestones of your life in the best possible way through our Paper drink coasters wholesale products. We offer flexible options for you to choose according to shape, size, and style that you want. The most common shapes of paper coasters are square and circle and with standard size ranging between 3.5" to 4.0", with the 4.0" is the frequently ordered size. The thickness of the paper material is also going to be a very important element when you decide to buy these Paper Coasters. It is because of the basic premise that the thicker the paper, the more absorbent it is going to be, the longer it will be able to last, but the more expensive it is going to cost. We print the designs of your Paper Coasters here in the USA using the modern offset technology. This allows us to produce superior quality images at the least cost. We also welcome you to preview your design before printing, or advice us of any necessary changes therein.

We normally allow 10 days production time to prepare your order, but if you think you're going to need your personalized Paper Coasters sooner than you think, our rush production service is open to help you get your coasters ahead of the time.

Make your wedding, special occasions and promotional campaign stand out with individuality and elegance. Email us, or call us to find out more about how we can cater best to personalizing your Paper Coasters.