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Personalized Salt and Pepper Shakers

Let these Personalized Salt and Pepper Shakers make dispensing the salt, pepper, and powdered herbs in the dining table so much better. These personalized ceramic salt and pepper shakers look simple in their tall and oval shape and off-white shade but they are never ordinary as they are made of porcelain and custom printed with your logo, wedding or party design, and artwork, which make them truly the perfect salt and pepper shakers for all your dining needs and even for serving the salt for your guests' tequila.

Choose nothing less for your home, restaurant, bar, and dinner parties' unique salt and pepper shakers than these personalized salt and pepper shakers from GlassCoasterStore.com! You will love the simple and elegant architecture of these personalized ceramic salt and pepper shakers as they fit both simple and fine table settings, they look good together with your casual and fine dinnerware, and they are a great idea for pumping-up the fun around the dining table during your special occasion's dinner party. Your guests will surely love these personalized salt and pepper shakers, too, as these truly show how much you want them to have fun while they dine in style with the custom print of your design on the front, their durable make, and hygienic design for holding salt and pepper.

Each personalized salt and pepper shaker measures 3.25 inches tall x 2 inches wide, thus each is large enough to hold salt, pepper, and powdered condiments for sharing by a large crowd. A center hole at the bottom allows for the easy filling of each personalized salt and pepper shaker, while five (5) and three (3) tiny salt and pepper shaker holes, respectively, distinguish each one in the set. Easy to clean as these can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher, also be sure to dry these personalized salt and pepper shakers completely before each refill to avoid the build-up of residue, which might be difficult to remove.

These personalized salt and pepper shakers are essential for your home, restaurant, and special occasions, they are a cool addition to your family and friends' dinner table accessories, too. Favored as personalized wedding favors for their usefulness in every home, for the way they make for personalized wedding favors that a family can enjoy, and for the way they look good together and – just like couples – almost inseparable from each other, these personalized ceramic salt and pepper shakers are also the best personalized gifts and party souvenirs that you can give to the moms and dads, to the ladies and gents who love to host dinner parties, and to the family and friends who love great food and exquisite table accessories for their home.

Personalize these ceramic salt and pepper shakers with your design or an artwork from our design templates to now get your own wedding and party-perfect salt and pepper shakers, novelty salt and pepper shakers, and collectible salt and pepper shakers. Also reward yourself with great savings when you buy these personalized salt and pepper shakers bulk and with our super low minimum and wholesale pricing for all of them. Blank wholesale salt and pepper shakers are also available here on our store, as well as table accessories, like personalized chopsticks and stemless martini glasses which are equally stylish as personalized glass soup bowls and dessert bowls, that are sure to make your dining and entertaining needs much more exciting. So enjoy your shopping and feel free to shop all you want here on GlassCoasterStore.com!

Types of Salt and Pepper Shakers

Personalized salt and pepper shakers can be made from a variety of materials. Here are some types of salt and pepper shakers:

Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shakers

Ceramic salt and pepper shakers are tableware that is made from clay and other raw materials by the process of pottery. Ceramic made products are easy to clean and its color does not fade easily. They are suitable for contacts with foods and harmless in terms of manufacture and disposal since they are made from natural materials only.

Plastic Salt and Pepper Shakers

Plastic salt and pepper shakers show content and moisture resistant. A very light container and ideal for picnics. Plastics are known for its flexibility in nature which means that they tend to distort first before breaking thus increases its durability in most situations.

Glass Salt and Pepper Shakers

Glass salt and pepper shakers will add elegance to any table settings. Glass products can be recycled, does not rust and can be colorless. They are quite expensive and break easily.

Metal Salt and Pepper Shakers

Metal salt and pepper shakers set are a classic way of dressing up your reception table. Metal products are known for its strength and wear resistance.

Cool thing about our personalized salt and pepper shakers is that you can use them as your favor to match your wedding theme or any other special event. Whether it will be a tropical, beach theme, Christmas, fall, or winter, there are perfect wedding salt and pepper shakers to suit your big day.

We have many different designs to choose from that you will surely love and adore. Your guests will absolutely love to take home this lovely and charming personalized salt and pepper shakers. Perfect favor for any wedding or occasion!