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Personalized Glass Mugs
Personalized Glass Coffee Mugs, or Custom Glass Mugs, feature a colored or engraved custom design and are specially handpicked from high quality Hawthorne-style glass mugs to become perfect for your everyday cup of coffee and smart for entertaining guests a hot cup of chocolate on your fall and winter parties.

Sophisticate your coffee bar and special occasions with these personalized glass coffee mugs and score the best deals for your business by shopping personalized glass mugs bulk or wholesale.

Personalized Glass Mugs Features and Buying Guide

Our personalized glass coffee mugs are sized to hold up to 10 ounces of liquid and each is made of thick glass, which makes them durable for everyday use and smart for serving hot and cold beverages on all occasions. They can be customized with a colored text and/or design of your choice, and such will be silkscreen-printed in your choice of color and on the left side, right side, or both sides of their handle so they finish as right-handed personalized glass mugs or left-handed personalized glass mugs, respectively.

How to Shop Personalized Glass Mugs?

For your personalized glass mugs wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, birthday, and other special occasion favors, our design library offers you a great variety of templates, which you can use as your custom design and which you can finish with a short text, like the details of your event or a message for their recipient.

You can also leave the custom text blank when intending to add these custom glass mugs to your coffee bar’s glassware collection or to use them as special occasion glassware, i.e., to boost the festive mood of the several parties in your home or the many celebrations catered by your restaurant, hotel, or catering business.

For your promotional mugs or personalized glass coffee mugs that will feature your own artwork, simply email us your company logo, monogram, custom design, or original work of art and we will do our best to feature them the best way possible on your customized glass coffee mugs. All custom designs will finish in vivid prints and vibrant colors that will not wear, erase, nor scratch easily – you surely would be proud to hand these custom glass mugs as a drinking cup or wrap them as personalized glass mugs favors, giveaways, or gift.

Party Ideas with Personalized Glass Mugs

Give your coffee-themed wedding, chocolate-themed wedding, fall or winter parties, and other celebrations more exciting flair with these mug gift wraps and party ideas with personalized glass coffee mugs:

Use personalized glass mugs for the coffee bar. Whether you are hosting a coffee-themed wedding or simply planning to put up a coffee bar to keep your guests cozy and warm on your event, especially on your fall and winter parties, these custom glass mugs are the drinking cups that will highlight the sumptuous hue of your coffee and coffee cocktails, they also make a sparkling addition to the classic party wine glasses. Order them with just a custom design or without the name and date of your event, so you can use your party glass mugs on several special occasions. Wrap custom glass mugs favors for your coffee-themed wedding. Let your guests come home happy by slipping a pack or two of the coffee blends served on your coffee-themed wedding inside each custom printed glass mugs favors. Wrap them altogether inside a burlap bag, acetate box, organza bag, or personalized glass jar and seal with a gift tag labeled "The Perfect Blend."

Use personalized glass mugs to wrap edible favors. Honor the love and fun that your family and friends have shared on your special occasion by gifting them sweet treats, like cake mugs or cake pops, wrapped in custom glass mugs. Decorate the same with mini cake toppers to serve as a colorful addition to the party details, or choose Jordan almonds, cookies, cocoa mix and other edible favors wrapped in plastic envelopes or organza bags and slipped inside each custom glass mug.

Wrap a gift of personalized mugs and personalized glass coasters. Make your staff and business clients feel more proud in being a part of your company by gifting them a matching pair of personalized glass coffee mugs and personalized glass coasters for the holidays or as a souvenir of your corporate events. Wrap them smart inside a Chinese takeout box, which can serve as their reusable container.

Spill a modern and trendy party setting or a simple yet sophisticated dining experience in your home by making your family, friends, and guests feel special with a warm cup of coffee served on these personalized glass mugs and worry not about your custom glass mugs favors or gifts ending up in the corner of your friend or family’s cupboard by wrapping them in attractive ways so they standout at a glance and their recipient will have an idea as to how they can treasure your custom glass mugs favors or gifts.