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Personalized Square Dessert Shot Glasses

These Personalized Square Dessert Shot Glasses fine-crafted as tall square shot glasses are perfectly-sized for your candy favors, shot glass soups, canape, petit fours, parfait, shot glass cakes, and dips, plus many other appetizers, desserts, and tasty treats. They clearly need no extra frills to go as shot glass favors, too. And, if you are in the mood for fulfilling your guests' quiet cravings for rum, whiskey, and mixed shots, these personalized square dessert shot glasses are great as shot glasses for the latter, too! So be sure to pack a lot of these personalized square shot glasses, which satisfy many of your gifting, entertaining, and dining needs!

Simplify the Way You Serve Shot Glass Desserts

More than practical eye candies, these personalized square dessert shot glasses simplify the way you serve your desserts into mini serving sizes and let you add a hefty concoction of shot glass desserts, hors d'oeuvres, and mini edible treats to your everyday dining and special occasions. As specially planned for party foods, each of this personalized square dessert shot glass is essentially a few ounces bigger and wider-rimmed than the average shot glass and due to the taller room provided by their tall square shot glasses design, each of them also allows for the princely layering and towering presentation of your dessert, mixed shots, and sweet treats.

Eye-catching in their trendsetting form as double-walled tall square shot glasses with a slightly tapering rim and a thick base, these personalized square dessert glasses further have the single-colored print of your party logo, monogram, or short message on their front to sway your guests to the festive mood of your special occasion or leave them with astounding memories of the latter. Once set on your party tables or dessert station, you will surely find these personalized tall square shot glasses add a crystal-like dazzle to the latter, standout as elegant glass party cups, and give your tables a more welcoming, picture-perfect, and party-perfect appeal.

Modern-Style, High-Quality, and Purposeful as Party Cups

A current must-have for your desserts and party glassware, these personalized tall square shot glasses also define luxury as the perfect combination of their contemporary looks as tall square shot glasses; high quality clear glass material, which makes for their exceptional clarity and durability for personal, special occasion, and commercial use; and, usefulness as personalized shot glasses for desserts and other party foods and drinks, personalized shot glass wedding favors, mini tall square candle holders, shot glass flower centerpieces, and personalized shot glass souvenir, gifts, and promotional giveaways.

Wrap these personalized tall square shot glasses as personalized gifts and be sure to equip your home, business, and celebrations with a lot of them, too, so that each and all of your guests can enjoy the luxury of having them as personalized dessert shot glasses. This section of GlassCoasterStore.com is certainly your best place to shop these square dessert shot glasses at very low minimums so you can always buy just at least a dozen for a single design, for a small dinner party, for updating the desserts glasses collection in your home, and for gifts, or to buy these premium personalized square dessert shot glasses wholesale at the cheapest price.

Customize and Mix-and-Match Over 100 Designs for Your Party

We also have at least 100 ready-to-print exclusive designs, which you can consider as your special occasion's logo and customize in the color of your choice and with up to three (3) lines of custom text. You can even have these personalized tall square shot glasses printed with the logo of your brand, product, business, or organization, and with your own artwork. Thus, whether you need these tall square shot glasses as mini dessert shot glasses, souvenir shot glass, shot glass favors, and promotional shot glasses, you will surely have the personalized square dessert shot glasses to perfect your special occasion, social entertaining, and gift-giving needs.

Have questions about shopping your personalized square dessert shot glasses? Please don't hesitate to click our Personalized Favors FAQ, to send your query via email to Info@GlassCoasterStore.Com or to call us for more information. Happy shopping!