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Personalized Stemless Champagne Flutes

Capture your life's fleeting bounty through these Personalized Stemless Champagne Flutes. Sans the stem, these personalized stemless flutes amp up your party as a fun and casual alternative to the traditional champagne flutes and they are never just your ordinary celebration glass as they bear a colored print of your wedding or party logo that draws the mood of your celebration and which leaves a trail of your special occasion, which calls for the pop of champagne – the ultimate drink for success and celebrations.

Life is too short and special occasions – however grand or simple – are nothing more but fleeting moments. So be sure you have these personalized stemless champagne flutes and personalized stemless champagne glasses as the celebration glass for your sparkling wine, champagne, and champagne-based cocktails, to carry the memories of your wedding, birthday, and other special occasions, or simply for putting a special touch to your ordinary days that deserve the fine treat of sparkling wine or champagne.

These Luminarc 9oz Perfection Cachet personalized stemless champagne flutes specially gained their popularity worldwide as durable, high quality, and affordable stemless champagne flutes for everyday use and for parties. They measure 5.16 inches tall and exude a trendy tulip wine glass-shaped bowl and timeless design. And, coupled with the exceptional clarity of their thin glass walls, which bear the colored print of your wedding or party logo, they can always sit as elegant glassware on your dinner and party tables.

So comfortable to hold for champagne toasting and in-between socializing, these personalized stemless champagne flutes also feature a broad rim and thick, flat base for balance. By serving your sparkling wine at its right serving temperature, they, essentially, grant you and their user your much-deserved wine drinking satisfaction as they have thin and clear glass walls, which allow you to see the rich color and effervescence of your champagne, and the well-loved shape of a tulip to bring out your drink's best qualities.

In their 9 fluid ounces (or 266 mL) size, these personalized stemless champagne flutes are an excellent pick for pouring the standard 5 ounces serving size of sparkling wine or champagne, they also make for elegant party glassware for party drinks, like party punch, sangria, iced tea, and fruit juice, and they surprisingly look great as such, especially when finished with a fancy straw.

Made of annealed glass, these stemless personalized champagne flutes' outstanding clarity and stylish versatility are topped by the strength of their glass material, which is strong enough to handle the repeated demands of sparkling wine and champagne cocktails in your party life and business. They are also dishwasher-safe and resistant to shock or breakage that is caused by exposure to sudden temperature changes, so you can – for instance – sanitize them with hot water steam before pouring in cold champagne.

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