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Personalized Paper Coasters

These Personalized Paper Coasters or Pulp Board Coasters? They can invigorate the serving style of your guests' drink. They can double as art pieces and promotional coasters for your tables. They are perfect for up to large drink ware, like beer mugs and liter-sized soda bottles. Unlike ordinary paper coasters, they are half as thick as the typical glass coasters and made of a white, smooth, and absorbent-quality heavy pulp board. As such, they are perfect for you who need little time to prepare and clean the tables after every drink. They are, indeed, the best paper coasters and pulp board coasters for your restaurant, entertaining needs, and parties.

Thicker, Absorbent, and Great-Looking than their Counterparts

Have personalized absorbent paper coasters and pulp board coasters that will boost your guests’ enjoyment of their favorite drink, that will let you create a personalized, neat, and attractive table setting, and that will damage from a drink ware's heat and moisture drips – they will be your aid in protecting your tables and bar counters from the bumps, heat, and moisture from a drink ware so you can enjoy the latter for the years to come.

These personalized paper pulp board coasters are the A-plus choice for such, especially for your lounge, bar, restaurant, pub, hotel, and various entertaining needs at home or in the office. And, that is because they are not only thicker, absorbent, great-looking, and cheaper than their counterparts, they have your logo or design custom printed with water-resistant ink, too. At 4 inches wide, these personalized paper coasters and customized paper pulp board coasters are ideal for small to large drinking glasses. Thus, from giving your guests' hot coffee a touch of chic to protecting the cherry finish of your pub tables from the condensation rings and the moisture drips of beer mugs, these custom paper coasters and personalized absorbent paper pulp board coasters got you covered.

Signature-Style, Hygienic, and Disposable as Drink Mats

Don't just serve your guests' drink, serve it right together with these personalized paper coasters! Guests with a fine taste will swoon at the sight of these absorbent logo personalized paper coasters as the signature-style, 100% hygienic, and disposable drink mats for their hot or cold beverage. Incorporating these custom paper coasters to your guests' place setting is a win-win, too, as these will protect your tables and you can bank on them as promotional coasters. Your guests, meanwhile, will appreciate the extra mile you’ve gone in making their visit special and in ensuring that wet and messy tabletops won't get in the way of their bonding time with their family, loved ones, and brood. Tourist guests, of course, will be so enthused to bring home these personalized paper pulp board coasters home or, at least, snap a picture of these and their drink for sharing to their pals or to flaunt as souvenirs.

These personalized paper coasters and personalized pulp board coasters are lightweight and easy to pack. Thus, you will never go wrong slipping them as the stylish labels for the food and drink products that you sell, for your business gifts, holiday gift baskets, and for the promotional items that you will pack in buzz-worthy style. Adding these personalized paper coasters and personalized absorbent pulp board coasters to your designer-style and custom paper coasters for sale is also a great idea. You can print them with your own design or order them from us for printing with your customers' design and for drop-shipping to the latter with FREE shipping of their order worth $150 and above to their mailing destination within the 48 contiguous states of the U.S.A.

Great as Favors for the Wine-Lovers, Food-Lovers, and More!

These personalized paper coasters will also put a smile to your guests' faces on your wedding, anniversary, birthday, bridal shower, and other special occasions. Undeniably the chicest party drink mats for your special day, when wrapped in sets, these custom paper coasters and personalized pulp board coasters will be highly appreciated as coaster party favors by the wine-lovers, food-lovers, coffee-lovers, beer-lovers, and more. You can gift these personalized paper coasters and pulp board coasters on their own. Or, pair them with bigger gifts, like personalized mason jars or coffee mugs.

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So, swap out your classic favorite drink coasters for these personalized paper coasters and personalized absorbent pulp board coasters! Collect the 100+ exclusive designs that we have in-store. Have your logo or finished artwork custom printed on these paper coasters by our professional design team. And, shop these personalized paper coasters wholesale or bulk from $0.42 with FREE shipping only here on GlassCoasterStore.com! Simple touches that go a long way, these paper drink coasters are certain to make for unforgettable lasting impressions to all your guests.

If you have questions, our answers to your Frequently Asked Questions are available in just a tap at our FAQ page. Alternatively, you can reach us via email to Info@GlassCoasterStore.com. Or, talk to us by phone at 1.610.438.0632 during business hours, that's 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M., E.S.T., Mondays to Fridays, except Holidays. There is a lot more drink coaster styles and restaurant, bar, and party glassware here on our store to match your personalized paper coasters and custom pulp board coasters, so take your time to shop here on GlassCoasterStore.com!