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Beach-Inspired Colors for Your Summer Wedding
Beach-Inspired Colors for Your Summer Wedding

At this time in June, we simply can't resist being virtually swayed to the pretty sight of the beach – its turquoise blue waters, the long expanse of its powdery sand that is tinged with the greens of the palm trees, and the fiery shade of the sunset. The beach has been a witness to many weddings and special occasions because it provides the perfect place for a destination summer wedding or party.

There are many ways to give your guests the best beach wedding or party experience, and one of them is to use the colors of the beach for your wedding and special occasion’s color motif. Perfect for making your guests feel one with nature, you can have table decorations in shades of aquamarine, scuba blue, ocean blue, or turquoise, and have lush centerpieces to give your tables a fresh touch of green. For keeping your guests cool, you can go exotic with your choice for summer hand fans, like with Buri fans and Saa hand fans, which are created from naturally dried tropical leaves. You can also spruce-up your guests' party experience with water goblets, wine glasses, and champagne flutes that are personalized with the icons of the beach and summer, like seashells, sailboats, starfishes, and many others.

For making things even sweet on your evening party, you can host a candlelit dinner under the stars and with the fiery shades of the beach sunset, like a combination of yellow, red, and orange, for your beach evening party's color motif. For favors and sweet treats, you can opt for edible treats that are both easy to enjoy at the beach and light to take home after the party, like trail mixes wrapped in personalized burlap bags, and little gifts that draw inspiration of the tropics or the beach, like bamboo coasters and beach-themed glass coasters.

Your guests will spend most of their time at the wedding reception or dinner party, so be sure to combine the feeling of celebration and vacation on your beach destination wedding and special occasion by setting the dinner tables with beach-themed party details. Unleash your creativity and be sure to look at for the best and great variety of summer-themed and beach-themed party details – from elegant beach-themed party favors to personalized party glassware and glassware gifts.