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Program Wedding Fans
Every wedding is special and for such an event, there can be a lot of things going on. Having a wedding program is a staple at every ceremony as itís great for both form and function.

What Wedding Programs Are For?

First of all, wedding programs help the couple honor the guests by acknowledging them through the printout. Secondly, it also honors those guests who are not present, but hold a special place in the coupleís life. Thirdly, wedding programs help explain certain wedding rituals and tradition. It tells the guests what they can expect and what certain activities are for. Lastly, and the most important reason of all, wedding programs detail the eventís activities, from the ceremony down to the reception. It provides a timeline for the guests to know what and when to expect certain parts of the program to happen. It also reflects various relevant information such as directions for the reception area, songs and other readings during mass, and the names of the entourage.

Why Use Program Wedding Fans?

With its many uses, handing out wedding programs to guests is now an absolute must. However, you donít want your guests to be bringing with them pieces of plain paper. There are many creative ways for you to incorporate the programs, but the best and most functionally versatile of them all is through program fans.

Why program wedding fans? If youíd like your wedding program to double as a wedding favor, then using fans is the perfect way for you to do just that. Especially if your wedding falls on warm summer days, the functionality of program fans cannot be outdone. Plus, you can get creative with the designs. If youíre a romantic with a huge love for all things whimsical and floral, why not try out flowery designs on the program fan? Of if youíre an artsy couple, etch out pop art on each program fan. The possibilities are endless and we at GlassCoasterStore can help you with that.

You donít have to feel like your program wedding fans should totally go by the book. Personalization is the key to a memorable wedding event. Our paper paddle fans come in a variety of designs and all you have to do is list the info you want to include. Choose from our many designs or if you have a specific theme in mind, you can let us know. Our program wedding fans are made from quality materials that provide the perfect functionality your guests need.

Our fans are made of sturdy handles for steady and secure grips. Fans also come is different shapes so you can have them printed out in any way you want and further customize it. With a custom program wedding fan, your guests will be able to follow your ceremony through the beautifully crafted fan design and have relief from the weather. Additionally, they can have something to bring home because as a wedding favor, fans can be used even beyond the event where it was first used for.

With program hand fans, you will be providing the guests with a most practical yet creative way of displaying your wedding. This unique wedding favor comes in a most cost-effective price, making your hard-earned money all the more worth it when you choose to purchase.

Program hand fans may not be a new concept, but sometimes, functionality reigns over any cute favor or gadget. With these program had fans, why not enjoy both?