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Clear Glass Coasters
Use these Clear Glass Coasters to keep your tables' pristine condition and give it a subtle accent by way of their classic plain design, pretty prints, and engraved or frosted glass artwork. Made of top-quality glass, these clear glass coasters are also sized to hold a drinking glass, bottle, mug, or drink can and resistant to heat up to 250o Celsius. Don't just settle for a set but collect these clear glass coasters in all designs or shop these clear glass coasters wholesale for your wedding, parties, gifts, and more.

What Makes Glass Clear?

Glass naturally has a greenish cast because of the iron present in all sand. 1 Clear glass has been made clear by adding selenium which is a non-metallic element somewhat like sulfur. 1 The selenium gives glass a red tint that balances out the green color which results to a clear glass. 1 Other colors of the glass can be achieved by adding different chemical oxides to the ingredients such as cobalt is put in for blue, gold for ruby, manganese for purple, chromium or iron for green and uranium for yellow. 1

Other Colors of a Glass

Here are some common colors of a glass and its uses:

  • Clear glass is best used for alcohol, water, sauces and foods that are not affected by light. 2
  • Brown glass which absorbs the most ultraviolet radiation and it offers the perfect protection from the damaging effects of exposure to light due to the wavelengths shorter than 450 nanometer. 2Beer which is normally placed or brew in a brown bottle because it will be ruined by light absorption.
  • Green glass also has the light protection but not as much compared to a brown glass. 2 Some liquids such as wines and juices can be exposed to some light without ruining their flavors so they are usually bottled or contained in a green glass. 2
  • Benefits of Using Glass

    The things that we used and see everyday such as beer, wine, sauces, water and many more are normally contained in a glass for various reasons and that is why it is always used as a container. Glass does not react to chemicals which makes it a great food keeper or container. 2 It does not affect the taste. Glass is an elegant way of packing your products to stand out.

    With clear glass, products can be easily seen and detected if it is still fresh due to its transparency. 2

    Most of all, glass is a type of a material that can be endlessly recycled or used without losing its quality and strength. 2 This is the reason why glass is considered as one of the environmentally friendly materials until now. 3


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