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2 oz. Corked Square Favor Jars

Elevate your Personalized Square Glass Favor Jars with these corked square favor bottles custom printed with your logo or design! Fill these with up to 2 ounces of rainbow candies, mini chocolates, or trail mix for wedding or party favors that will give your guests both a sweet treat and a lovely souvenir. Use these as the apothecary jars, square glass sample jars, spice jars, or mason favor jars for your essential oils, coffee beans, exotic salts, and other fine treats to share. Or, share the fun simply by having these as the glass favor jars, which your guests can fill with sand or seashells on your beach party, or as little gifts that your best friends will enjoy as the organizer jars for their kitchen spices, for the sugar sprinkles of their dessert bar, for the paper clips of their desk, and many more!

Your Multi-Tasking Sample Jars and Party Favor Jars

Your sample jars, party favor jars, gift jars, apothecary jars, spice jars, organizer jars, and decorative jars can multi-task, of course!

Take it from these personalized corked square favor jars, which bottle can be filled with up to 2 oz. or 57 grams of ingredients, like powdered spice, dried herbs, organic sugar, coffee beans, and seeds; with up to a handful of mini snacks, candies, and chocolates, like mixed nuts, dried fruits, and jelly beans; with home decorations, like sand jar art and hand-poured aromatherapy candles; with bath and wellness products, like soak salts; or, with trinkets, like craft kits, and which cork lid can easily be decorated with your favorite charm or place card holder sticks, so you or their lucky recipients can further enjoy them as table decorations and place card holders.

Fine-crafted with a square-shaped body, which measures 2" long x 2" wide, these personalized square glass favor jars, also stand so beautifully with their narrow neck, rounded flared rim, thick and heavy glass base, and natural cork lid. They are suggested for dry and liquid contents and are perfect kids and adults alike, so you will never go wrong having them as the candy favor jars for children's party and as sample jars or party favor jars for food items and party favors for adults. Made of high-quality glass, these personalized corked square favor jars exhibit an outstanding clarity and are durable for lasting use. They are custom printed on one (1) side with your logo or design, thus, your customers, gift recipients, and guests will have a purposeful and lasting memento from each of them.

From ensuring the premium packaging of your samples, party favors, and food gifts to organizing the staples of your desk, kitchen, and other essentials, these personalized square glass favor jars got you covered. Easily create your design by selecting an exclusive design from our gallery to personalize with up to three (3) of your custom text, like name, special date, or message, and to be custom printed in your choice of ink color. Or, opt our custom printed square glass favor jars to have your logo, finished artwork, or design!