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Engraved Coasters

These Engraved Coasters are meticulously carved with your design, making them inimitable and majestic for gifts and party favors, gorgeous to place on tables, desks, and entertaining areas, and purposeful as a descriptor of your classy taste. So engrave all the designs that you want for FREE on these highly-coveted glass coasters and slate coasters. And, worry not about shipping because all these engraved coasters entitle you to a $5 shipping credit or FREE Shipping from a highly attainable order total of $150 and above!

Custom Engraved Square Slate Coasters (Set of 4)

Custom Engraved Square Slate Coasters (Set of 4)

Price : $17.50
Sale Price : $12.00

Make your event or occasion truly special through the use of our lovely drink coasters!

Engraving is a process of customizing or personalizing various items. It makes an item or product look personalized due to its unique and beautiful engraved design.

Engraved coasters can venerate special event such wedding, birthdays, anniversaries, baptism and many more. Here are some advantages of choosing engraved coaster:


Great thing about engraved coasters is that you can choose from glass, wood, metal and stone as materials for your drink coaster. You have many options on what material to use as your drink coasters where your favorite design can be engraved.


Engraved drink coaster allows you to personalize your gifts or favors. It can bring an artistic favor that your guests will surely like. You can have your initials, details of the event or name to make your favor more personalized and unique.


It will be nice to see your chosen design permanently placed on top of your drink coasters. Engraved coasters can keep a lasting memory of your special day since engraving leaves a permanent mark on the surface of your chosen drink coaster material. Your event or special day will truly be remembered for a number of years.


You can surely engraved lots of designs onto the material that you have chosen. You can have various engraved coasters styles such as Engraved Glass Coasters, Engraved Monogrammed Glass Coasters or Custom Engraved Clear Glass Coasters.

Today there are lots of items that you can choose from to be your favors in your wedding day and any other occasion but there is no better way of making your guests or clients feel happy and appreciated and that is through a token that can lasts for a long time. Engraved drink coasters are perfect favor or promotional item that you can share with your families and loved ones.

With all the advantages of engraved drink coasters, you will surely have no second thought of having it as your favor or marketing tool so that your that your special occasion or event will leave a long lasting memory. If you are looking for something special and unique that will give a different mark into the minds and hearts of your guests then Engraved Coasters are the one made to meet your coaster needs.

Here at Glasscoasterstore.com, we offer engraving services for your chosen glass coaster design. Enjoy our various drink coasters styles and experience the beauty and uniqueness it can bring not just in your special occasions but even in your very own home. Create an Asian ambiance and surround your place with our durable yet affordable drink coaster products.

Start browsing our engraved coasters now and other drink coasters as well!