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Lucky Bamboo Favors

Lucky Bamboo Plant for favors, gifts, and decor? Your family, friends, and guests will like it so much because of the showers of good wishes that these lucky bamboos can bring to their days and the touch of green that these can lend to every space they bring these in! You can start by giving them just a stalk or more to love. Or, send it complete with a glass vase exclusive for our lucky bamboo favor kit. Or, for the best impact, give them one of those fantastic lucky bamboo pyramids and lucky bamboo towers. Considered as a hardy plant, lucky bamboo plants are easy to care. What’s more, they are authentic from Asia. And, perfect for indoor and outdoor areas, too!

Lucky bamboo is considered as a lucky plant in feng shui as Chinese legend says it is a gift that can bring good luck, prosperity, wealth and happiness both for the giver and the recipient. It will be a wonderful and ideal favor for any type of occasion such as wedding, anniversary, birthday and many more. Lucky bamboo favors will definitely be a big hit that your guests will surely love and adore.

Lucky Bamboo Stalks and Meanings

The number of stalks that a lucky bamboo possesses has its own special meanings for different purposes.

Two Stalks are for love and marriage and gives double your luck.

Three Stalks means happiness.

Five Stalks brings good health in the five areas of life such as in spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and intuitive.

Six Stalks means wealth.

Seven Stalks means good health.

Eight Stalks means fertility, thriving and growth.

Nine Stalks represent general good fortune.

Ten Stalks symbolizes perfection and completion.

Twenty or Twenty One Stalks means abundant blessings.

How to Take Care of Lucky Bamboo Plants?

It will be best to change the water into your vase once a week. You may place the plant near the window but never expose it directly to sunlight or air conditioning as to avoid harm into its leaves. It will be nice to use lucky bamboo organic fertilizer to help the plant grow more. The life of this plant depends mainly on how you take care of it. Usually most lucky bamboo plants last for one to five years.

There are lots of people who give this kind of favor for birthdays, award, housewarming and any other special occasion. Receiving this plant as a token increases your luck and good fortune. Choose your number of stalks and you may tie it with red ribbon or simply place them in a glass vase that can make them look classy and stylish. Order now! Enjoy our special offer and avail of our big discounts on our other personalized favors.