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Personalized Mini Teapot Favors

These Personalized Mini Tea Pots are the best for your restaurant and mini teapot wedding or party favors. Palm-sized as they are planned to hold just up to 4.5 fl. oz., these mini personalized teapots, however, come so elegant with their bright white porcelain material and beautiful rounded body with a matching lid and short spout. For sure, these mini personalized tea pots will instantly catch your family, friends, and loved onesí heart who will enjoy as mini pots for their coffee's milk, and as sauce pots for their tables' soy sauce, vinaigrette, pancake syrup, salad dressing, and a lot more. These personalized mini teapot favors are exclusively available here on GlassCoasterStore.com, thus they are truly an exciting treat for personalized favors!

The Perfect Mini-Sized Chinese Tea Pot Favors

These mini personalized tea pots feature the classic shape and style of the Chinese pouring teapots and they are fine-crafted from porcelain thus their translucent white color, silky surface, and beautiful luster that makes them able to quickly to lend an air of elegance. Each mini personalized teapot measures 2.75" height x 3.0" diameter and, including the handle, merely measures 4.5" long – they are just about the size of the palm and, thus, so cute and adorable as teapot wedding favors, table centerpiece holder, special occasion gift, Asian decoration, or collector's item.

We offer a great variety of artwork that you can use as the custom design of your miniature Chinese teapot. You can finish the same with a two-line text, like of the event's name and date, you can also customize your mini teapot favors with your original artwork, like your company logo or monogram. All designs will be silkscreen-printed in your choice of color on one or both sides of each mini personalized tea pot, thus they standout in vibrant colors and will not wear nor scratch easily.

Shop these mini teapot favors, personalized mini tea pots, or miniature Chinese teapots bulk or wholesale to save more from your teapot wedding favors, party souvenirs, or corporate giveaways.

5 Party Ideas for Your Mini Tea Pot Favors

Let these mini personalized tea pots set the tone of your tea party, bridal shower, Asian wedding, and other special occasions. Here, we give you some tips on how to decorate teapot wedding favors or use them as a wedding or party detail:

Wrap each mini teapot favor inside an acetate box. Each mini personalized tea pot is pretty on its own, you surely wonít go wrong just slipping them inside a rectangular acetate box. You can print a colorful sticker that is labeled "Time for Tea" as your Thank You gift tag and finish your mini teapot favors or gifts with a satin ribbon in the shade of your wedding or party's motif.

Give a royal tea set consisting of a miniature teapot and home-baked goodies. The joy of receiving home-baked goodies, like a pack or two of cookies and scones, surely is like no other, especially if they come with a fabulous surprise, and that's a fine China miniature Chinese teapot. Arrange your baked goodies like you would a gift basket and place each mini personalized tea pot on the middle as the accent.

Use miniature Chinese teapot as placecard holders. You can let each placecard hang from a mini personalized teapot's crown or handle, but donít forget to embellish the latter with faux flowers so they look more festive for the party tables. You can also shop for tea bags and just staple your placecard over its label. Place each teabag inside each mini personalized tea pot and then close the lid so that it appears like you have a teabag steeped inside each miniature Chinese teapot.

Use miniature tea pot table centerpieces. These miniature teapots are sure to highlight the beauty of baby's breath, lavender, gerbera, carnation, and other small to medium-sized floral blooms. Simply cut the stem of your fresh flowers short so that their flowers rest just right above your custom teapotsí lid. Fill your miniature teapots with water or wet flower foam that will help to keep your flowers fresh during the event.

Use mini Chinese teapots to wrap sweet treats. Still looking for the perfect gift wrap your Jordan almonds, chocolate kisses, and candy favors? These mini personalized tea pots are apparently the smartest gift wrap that you can find. What's more, they can double as mini teapot wedding favors, you can prepare them as such with just a gift tag or by packing them inside an organza bag or raffia bag for an unexpected Asian twist.

Facts about Teapots

There is a certain sense of pride and prestige in owning a Chinese or English teapot, especially if it is made of the classic materials, like purple clay, ceramics, or porcelain, crafted by a famous potter, and designed by a famous artist. Teapots basically come in two (2) types: the boiling teapot, which features a handle and a spout and used for brewing tea, and pouring teapot, which has a handle, a spout, and a lid and used for serving tea.

What Goes Into the Making of a Teapot?

Teapots are one of the most difficult ceramic ware to make as they consist of various parts, including at least the handle, teapot body, tea leaf strainer, spout, lid, and knob that each need to be shaped perfectly so they fit right onto each other and finishes to a product that is balanced, convenient to use, can bring out the fine flavor and aroma of tea, and answer their user's tea serving needs. These factors also speak as to why teapot-making is named an expert's craft and the teapot as one of the most expensive collector's item.

Teapot Quick Shopping Guide

In shopping for teapots, it is wise to check for the size first that will best answer your tea serving needs and then find the ideal shape and material that will work best for the type of tea or occasion that you intend to use them with.

Teapots also come in different types of materials, including cast iron, which is prized for the way it keeps the tea warm for a long time; Zisha or purple clay, which is known to help enhance the flavor of tea over time; glass, which lets you see the tea well as it steeps; and, ceramic teapots, which can go from a functional teapot to a decorative teapot.

Teapot History Around the World

Teapot History in China and East Asia
The design of teapots were probably derived from kettles and pots and the earliest teapots were said to have come from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and were made from Zisha, or purple clay of the YiXing region of China. They were small, designed for a single drinker, and used for brewing and drinking tea from the spout. The Japanese demand for teapots led to their growth and popularity and by the 15th century CE, both the Chinese and Japanese would drink tea for ceremonial purposes and the tea, as a beverage, was not anymore regarded solely for its medicinal purposes.1

Chinese scholars and intellectuals also involved themselves in the design of teapots. The "cult of tea" in Japan, led by the artist Sen Rikyu (1522-1591), became an impetus for the stylistic and artistic evolution in YiXing teapot designs. Teapots became detailed with themes from nature and the YiXing pots themselves became prized as creative works. The Japanese also began making red clay or shudei teapots and imported Chinese artists to teach them potting methods.1

Teapot History in Europe
From the end of the 17th century, tea was shipped from China to Europe as part of the export of exotic spices and luxury goods. The ships that brought the tea also carried porcelain teapots, and majority of which were painted in blue and white underglaze. These porcelain teapots, being completely vitrified and, thus, able to withstand sea water without damage, were packed below the deck while tea were kept on top in the dry.2

Tea drinking in Europe was initially reserved for the upper class since it was very expensive. Porcelain teapots were particularly desirable because porcelain could not be made in Europe at that time. It wasn't until 1708 that Ehrenfried Walther von Tschirnhaus devised a way of making porcelain in Dresden, Germany, and started the first porcelain factory in Europe in 1710.2

Today, teapots come in a wide array of styles and designs and typically named after the culture that makes them, like Chinese teapots, Japanese teapots, English teapots and the like, and they are not only enjoyed for tea drinking but also as a classy decoration.