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4 oz. Personalized Mason Jelly Jars

These Personalized 4 oz Mason Jars or Mason jelly jars have tapered sides and are made of glass that is planned for hot-fill and water bath canning. Thus, they can withstand high temperature exposures of up to 100°C (or 212°F) and are perfect for all – from canning fruit jams and jellies, as the rustic touch and retro look for your frozen treats and food gifts, such as mini pies, candies, and Jordan almonds, and as the signature-style jars for your scented candle favors, herb and spice collection, mini snacks, baby food, and a lot more. Shoppers rave about the perfect size of these personalized mini mason jars for samples and food gifts. Shopping them here on GlassCoasterStore.com, you can also have their lid (sold separately) custom printed with your logo or own design.

Make Wrapping Your Surprise a Quick and Fun Magic

Packing and getting your party treats, edible favors – including those that pose risk for liquid or oil spilling, and little gifts so they are ready to go as lovely surprises will always be a quick and fun magic when you have these personalized 4oz mason jars, which have your wedding or party logo as a colored print on their front. Simply fill each of this personalized 4oz mason jar with your edible treat or little gift, seal them tight with their lid (sold separately) or a suitable closure, and they are ready to go as wedding favors and jar gifts.

With a capacity of up to 4 fluid ounces (1/2 cup or 1/4 pint), a wide mouth which allows for the easy scooping of their content, and a smooth and thick transparent glass material that can withstand the high heat required for the hot filling of jams and jellies and boiling water bath, these custom printed 4oz jelly jars are great for preserving and gifting fresh preserves, like homemade jams, jellies, and other fruit spreads. They also make for neat and alluring cups for your wedding or party's single-serve appetizers, side dishes, and desserts, and are sure to also make for reusable and covet-worthy gift wraps for candy favors, mini snacks, and gifts in a jar.

Dishwasher-safe, stack-easy, and microwave-safe, these custom printed 4oz jelly jars even make for cute mini jar gift sets for your family, friends, and co-workers who love fun and imaginative mini mason spice jars, salsa jars, and refrigerator jars for their kitchen, or little storage jars for their home and office. You or their lucky recipient can even use them for preparing mini meals for the whole family and for smarting up the home or office as mini storage jars, rustic-style candle holders, and planters for mini succulents.

Give these personalized 4oz tapered jars the special touch of your monogram, wedding clip art, party logo, or own design, which will be printed in a color of your choice on their front. Shopping these 4oz small jelly jars with the custom print of your choice of design or short message is so easy here: Simply click on a design or product link above that corresponds to your occasion or party theme and then complete the Ordering Information box on the next with your choice of design, three-line custom text, the color that you would like the design to be printed, and the number of personalized 4oz mason jars or custom printed small jelly jars that you will need.

As your design is printed on their front, you can verily use these custom printed 4oz jelly jars for serving your wedding or party's cold and frozen desserts. You can even go extra-stylish when using them for your edible favors, appetizers, or desserts by pairing them with mini party spoons or by sticking their food's recipe on the reverse side of their custom print. You can also write down your Thank You note on their side using a Sharpie; tie a printed bow around their lid; accessorize the top of their lid with custom labels, a large faux flower, or decorative figurine; or, slip them in a bigger gift, like a corporate, Thanksgiving, or Holiday gift basket.

Enjoy the endless possibilities that these personalized 4oz tapered jars can bring to your event and don't forget to also checkout our large selection of personalized mason jars, glass coasters, and party glassware that are sure to make your event more of a visually stunning affair. Have a great time shopping!