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Personalized Ceramic Shot Glasses

Personalized Ceramic Shot Glasses are finally here to give your wedding and social entertaining sprees a superb, Asian-inspired makeover. What exactly makes these personalized ceramic shot glasses extra-special is that they can handle both hot and cold drinks and desserts, so you can rely on them for the classic shot drinks to your party jello, shot cocktails, and hot desserts. Collect these personalized ceramic shot glasses in all designs and experience the tad and pizzazz that only they can bring to your fetes.

Ceramic shot glasses can be more colorful than the glass type. This is the reason why most of the novelty shot glasses is made from ceramic material. Ceramic shot glasses have the weight with the glass and the only difference is transparency. It is important to know that not all ceramic shot glasses can be used for drinking because some may contain toxic minerals. It will be good to check the bottom of the ceramic shot glass containing the warnings if it is safe for drinking or eating.

Other Uses of Ceramic Shot Glasses

Wedding Favors – personalized ceramic shot glasses can be a wonderful and classy favors in your wedding day or any other special occasion. It can be imprinted with the designs that can perfectly match your motif or theme. Having these types of personalized favors on your party tables, your guests will surely feel appreciated and special. There are lots of ceramic shot glasses designs that can fit to your fit your favor needs and taste.

Marketing Tool – leave a lasting good impression with your clients or customers having these personalized ceramic shot glasses in your promotional campaign. You can have your logo or chosen design imprinted on each shot glass for them to remind of your business or can even be a good tool to promote your company.

Home Décor – ceramic shot glasses can be a great home décor too. You can collect all the different designs and have it displayed on your bar or kitchen area for your guests to see. They can also be used to serve your desserts or favorite alcohol drinks. It can hold some of your personal stuffs at home.

Office Décor – personalized shot glasses can serve as a good paper weight in your office. They can also be a good container of some office stuffs such as paper clips, rubber bands, pins and many more.

Souvenirs – personalized shot glasses can be a great item to collect and serve as a wonderful reminder of the places or occasions you have been to.

With its many uses aside from being a shot glass, your guests will definitely love to have one to bring home. Choose one now! Make it a part of your celebration and experience the joy and beauty it can bring. Avail of our affordable and durable products and you will surely enjoy our great deals.