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4 oz. Imprinted Glass Favor Jars with Snap Lid

These Italian-style Personalized Favor Jars with Snap Lid are meant for at least three (3) things: As souvenirs, as elegant little gift wraps for your tasty treats – the dry and liquid treats alike, like Jordan almonds and chocolate dip, and for making the latter easy and quick to enjoy anytime and anywhere! Palm-sized, these personalized glass favor jars can also hold up to 4 oz. of tasty treats. Great-looking with their square body, round finish, and the custom print of your artwork on their front, each also prides a high quality make, a gasket-lined rim with metal snap, and a tight-fitting closure which ensures the safety and freshness of everything you store in them!

The Party Favorite for Candy Favor Jars

Your Jordan almonds, nuts, chocolate candles, trail mix, and other gifts in a jar, especially those which pose no risk for oily liquid and watery spills, are sure to find their perfect home in these custom imprinted glass jars with snap lid. Evoking the classic design of the famous Italian canning jars with snap lid closure, these custom imprinted glass jars also appear as cute, miniature-sized renditions of the old-fashioned wire bale glass mason jars, which were also known as lightning jars because they were so quick to open.

Palm-sized at their 3-inch height, these personalized glass favor jars with hinged glass lids also come attractive, neat, and elegant for your gifting, packaging, and organizing needs being made of a nicely-weighted and high-quality clear glass material. Each of them also features a square body that measures 1.75 inches wide on each side, a circular glass finish with a 1.375-inch rim or opening, and a gasket-lined clear glass lid and metal clasp, which both make for their secured, though non-air-tight closure. And, with their snap-top lid, both the kids and grown-ups can open and close them in a snap, that is, by having one hand hold their hinged glass lid in a tight closing position with the aperture while the other hand pushes the locking lever to close with the locking ring, and vice versa.

Perfect for Candies, Little Gifts, and Many More!

Have these imprinted glass favor jars with snap lid for everything – from Italian-style glass favor jars for your Jordan almond favors, as the designer-style candy favor jars for the mints, trail mix, rock candies, champagne-flavored jells, and all the other edible party favors that you have for your guests on your wedding, anniversary, birthday, baby shower, and other special occasions; as the small candy jars for the sweets, which will make for the prizes of your party games, as dandy gift wraps for your spa gifts, like bath salts; as the mini organizer jars for the pins, clips, craft kits, and other small-sized essentials for your desk; as the mini spice jars for your dry spice gifts and party favors, as the promotional snap lid jars and statement-making packaging for the candies and other mini-sized merchandise for sale by your business, as fun freebies for your customers, as little gifts for your best pals, and many more!

These imprinted glass favor jars will delight the kids and grown-ups alike. They also boast a handy size, making it convenient, as well as easy, for their lucky recipients to bring them home or slip them in their purse or party bag. And, not only do these personalized glass favor jars come beautiful enough to make a lasting impact, they will also leave your pals and gift recipients with a memento, which they can reuse for anything. Having these personalized mini favor jars for your food gifts, you can even put them in the fridge or cooler to ensure the freshness of the food gift that they hold and then bring them out just when you are ready to hand them to your guests because they have your custom design as a lasting feature on their front. And, with such gorgeous looks, they are ready to go as gifts. Or, you can dress them up with a ribbon that holds a name card so they can go as favor jars and place card holders.

Shop Now! Print Your Design in Brilliant Colors or Diamond Etch Ink

So, shop these personalized glass favor jars with snap lid today – especially get only what you need of them from a very attainable minimum order quantity of twelve (12) pieces. Easily create your design by selecting a print-ready exclusive clip art from our gallery to personalize in your choice of color and with up to three (3) lines of custom text. Or, go for the premium laser etched-like finish that only our Diamond Etch Ink can provide. For a cheap upgrade of only $12 in set-up fee, you can also personalize these square glass jars with hinged glass lids with your logo or finished artwork, as well as have the latter printed in the custom colors of your choice. So shop away and witness how these imprinted glass favor jars with snap lid can make your candies and delicious treats extra-sweet.