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Personalized Glass Ornaments
These Personalized Glass Ornaments and glass Christmas ornaments are clearly as lovely as your holidays, the chicest decor for your holiday tree or wishing tree, and perfect for the pal you are going to give them to as sparkling custom gift! Signature-style as glass Christmas ornaments, as personalized wedding ornaments for the wedding wishing tree, as personalized Christmas gifts for your loved ones, as holiday gifts, birthday gifts, wedding gifts, friendship gifts, and business gifts for your pals, and many more, these personalized glass ornaments are also one-of-a-kind and guaranteed to be a delightful addition to every place they are in!

Heart-Catching for Favors, Gifts, and Decor

Spotless, fabulous, and elegant, these personalized glass ornaments, clear glass ornaments, and Christmas ornaments clearly have all the makings of heart-catching favors, gifts, and decor that will luxuriate the look of your Christmas tree, wedding wishing tree, store display window, and indoor spaces. Choose between the dreamy look of the beveled star glass ornaments, the festive design of the beveled bell glass ornaments, or the opulent appeal of the beveled diamond glass ornaments – even make them the most precious for gifts and party favors with the laser engraving of your message or design. From blank to personalized and in the shapes that you and their recipients desire, there are the perfect glass ornaments here on GlassCoasterStore.com that will win your heart.

The beautiful and outstanding clarity of these personalized glass ornaments, clear glass ornaments, and Christmas ornaments are made to last, which is why each of them is cut from thick and high-quality glass. With beveled edge that makes for their elegant and prismatic beauty – a feature, which you wouldn't want to miss to see simply by hanging them on a well-lit decorating space, these personalized glass ornaments, clear glass ornaments, and Christmas glass ornaments also come in a size that draws attention from across the room. As such, while a piece of then can already hang as the topper of your Christmas tree or wedding wishing tree, a multiple array of them hung on the window, for example, can set the tone for your shop window's sparkling decorating theme.

Perfect Year-Round as Decor, Quaint as Souvenirs

Not just limited for the holidays and as special occasion decor, these personalized glass ornaments and beveled glass ornaments are perfect year-round as hanging decorations, too. For one, we specially love the idea of hanging them as the stylish touch for your door, cocktail bar, and guest room's vanity dresser. They are also quaint as the souvenirs of your tourist destination and milestone celebrations, like wedding, lucky guests and gift recipients will surely find these personalized beveled glass ornaments perfect for their modern home. With their various shapes, you can have guests pick the clear glass ornament of their choice to bring home as party favors. And, if you are feeling crafty, our great idea is that you hang each of them under a faux flower ball, which is tied to a long piece of satin ribbon to make the latter extra-beautiful as hanging decorations, personalized engraved gifts, and custom party favors.

Buy Now! 1-Piece Order, FREE Custom Engraving, FREE Shipping Available!

Now, itís really time to enchant your family, friends, and guests with these personalized engraved glass ornaments and beveled glass ornaments. Get your blank glass ornaments from a minimum order of only one (1) piece. Shop your personalized glass ornaments with the FREE custom engraving of your logo or design. And, get your order worth $150 and above with FREE Shipping shipped to your destination within the 48 contiguous states of the United States. We have a lot more equally stylish personalized favors, custom souvenirs, and party supplies here on GlassCoasterStore.com, so if you are a hunt for any or all the latter, look no further than here on GlassCoasterStore.com!