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4 oz. Personalized Mini Favor Jars

Fill these Personalized Mini Favor Jars or Personalized Glass Spice Jars with dried spices, herbs, rubs, and seasonings, with mini marshmallows, toffee bits, cinnamon sticks, or chocolate sprinkles that your family, friends, and guests can add as toppings for their drinks or desserts, or with the tea-lovers' favorite loose tea leaves, among the others. At 4 oz., these personalized mini favor jars are approximately sized like the standard glass spice jars. With a wide rim for measuring spoons, it is easy to fill them, too, with ground, granulated, or whole spices, herbs, and seasonings, like cinnamon sticks and bay leaves. So cap-off that gastronomic feast with the chefs, restaurateurs, home cooks, food or drink enthusiasts, and more with fine favors wrapped in these personalized mini favor jars.

For Favors that Excite the Cooks and Diners Alike!

These days, spices are no longer limited as a staple for the cooks. They are also viewed as a reflection of one's sophisticated taste, expertise in food, and enthusiasm to try many new and different flavors and cuisines. They excite the diners and the cooks alike for the way they give the latter the opportunity to customize the flavor of the food or boost the latter's appeal. Certain types, like the exotic spices from the Orient or the Mediterranean, allow one to incorporate the flavor of their favorite cuisine to their home-grown recipe, while others, like vanilla and saffron, due to the novelty value they possess, are often viewed as conveyor of one's social status.

Thus, if you think you are already running out of great ideas for versatile and exciting products to add to your business’ promotional items and products for sale or to send as gifts or wedding and party favors to your family and friends, know that there is the world of spices, herbs, blends, seasonings, rubs, toppings, and condiments, which are still waiting for you to share as enchanting surprises.

Unleash their Creativity in the Kitchen, Bar, or Tables

Spice favors are the perfect end to a gastronomic feast. Bottled in to-go jars, your guests –– such as of your restaurant's premium buffet – will be delighted to bring them home as souvenirs, as means to replicate the superb dining experience at your restaurant, or as fine gifts for their pals. As gifts and party favors, even seasonings and toppings, which are routinely used for meals, snacks, and beverages, like chili powder for steaks, candy sprinkles for pastries or ice creams, and mini marshmallows for hot chocolate drinks, will entice your guests and gift recipients – the foodies and otherwise – to unleash their creativity in the kitchen, bar, or dining tables.

For the home cook, food enthusiasts, and food experts, spice gifts and seasoning sets will never fail to enthrall because they can use these for everything – from giving their snacks, traditional meals, and home-grown recipes a new and exciting twist in flavor to replicating a dish from their favorite cuisine or concocting a recipe, which they can serve on an upcoming feast or special occasion.

As for the best favor jars and spice bottles for your spice favors, look no further than these personalized mini favor jars or 4 oz spice jars personalized with the lasting print of your logo, party clip art, or artwork. At 4 oz. and with their tall, slender, and cylindrical profile, these personalized spice jars approximate the size of the standard glass jars, thus perfect for their recipients’ modern kitchen and dining tables. They will easily find their perfect home in the latter's spice racks, coffee table tray, or condiments tray, too.

Having your design on commercial-quality glass spice jars, these custom spice jars are suited for commercial packaging, gifting, and for your kitchen's organizing needs. They can also be fitted with 48 CT plastisol-lined canning lids (sold separately) or spice caps, thus they're excellent for whole or powdered spices and seasonings, as mini favor jars, toothpick jars, and many others.

Buy Now and Surprise the Chef and Food Enthusiasts!

So, make the best impact, surprise that chef, restaurateur, home cook, food enthusiast, and the food-lovers in your gift list with fine spices, seasonings, and drink or dessert toppings wrapped in these irresistible personalized spice jars. Have your logo printed in one (1) color for that classic look – even give them the laser-engraved aesthetic of Diamond Etch Ink. Stash these personalized mini favor jars and custom printed spice jars for as few as twelve (12) pieces and save up to $0.80 per piece shopping them wholesale.

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