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Adhesive Cork Backing

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Item #:CORKR375

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Product Size: Pre-cut in 3.75 or 4 inch wide. 0.039" Thick

Product Material: Made of 100% Fine-Grain Cork

Processing Time: 10 business days (excludes transit time)

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  • Adhesive Cork Backing
  • Adhesive Cork Backing
  • Adhesive Cork Backing
  • Adhesive Cork Backing
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Price: US $0.30


These Self Adhesive Cork Backing are natural, durable, and individually cut to your needed size. As such, they are ready to use as self-adhesive cork backings for D.I.Y. drink coasters, tile coasters, candle trays, and other craft projects, which are made of heavy materials, like stone, wood, and ceramic tiles. With a stick-on backing, these cork protector pads are quick and easy to apply: Simply peel-off the white adhesive backing from the cork and press the latter down firmly and evenly on the surface to be applied. Highly versatile, you can also cut these self-adhesive cork backing squares in various shapes and sizes, paint them, or stick them as lining for shelves and drawers, as cork accents for your desk and cabinets, and many more! Features:

  • These Self-Adhesive Cork Backing are sold individually
  • Choose from the following sizes of self-adhesive corks:
    • 3.75 Inch Square x 0.039 Inch (1 mm) thick
    • 4.00 Inch Square x 0.039 Inch (1 mm) thick (Additional $0.05 each)
    • 3.75 Inch Round x 0.039 inch (1 mm) thick (Additional $0.08 each)
  • Made of 100% fine-grain cork. Suggested for up to 4-inch wide drink coasters
  • With permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive for strong and secure placement
  • Buy only what you need from a minimum order of 50 pieces

How to Use:
  • Make sure the surface to be applied is dry and clean.
  • When used for coasters, ensure an even margin for a polished look.
  • Let the cork backing sit for a while before using your tile coasters.

Self Adhesive Cork Backings are made in the USA
Processing Time: 1-2 business days, Excludes Transit Time

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