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New Arrivals!

This season, our selection of personalized mason jars, custom printed milk bottles, and personalized favor jars are determined to grow! And, that means you have more shapes and sizes of personalized mason jars, custom printed milk bottles, and personalized favor jars for your special creations, food gifts, and beverages! Full color-printing of your logo or design is available, so shop now!

A Must for Ensuring the Freshness of Food Gifts and Beverages!

Personalized glass milk bottles and milk favor jars are quite the trend today! And, we are making sure that the ones that you get here on GlassCoasterStore.com are the best among their kind in terms of look, quality, and function by having your logo, finished artwork, message, or design custom printed on the glass milk bottles, which pride at least three (3) features, and that is the most handsome shapes, the best quality and food-safe glass material, and the most versatile and handy sizes.

Glass milk bottles are a must, for sure, in ensuring the freshness of milk. Back in the olden days, particularly as early as the 1800s, fresh milk was delivered by the milk men directly from the dairy farms to the consumers' household. Milk required utmost protection from spoiling and spilling during their transport and they were practically stored first in returnable milk jugs and, later on, in returnable glass milk bottles, which allow for the easy pouring of milk. This distribution process soon led the dairy farms to create their own milk brand's bottle so as to make it easy for the milk men to distinguish their milk's bottles from those of the other brands.

More than 100 years later, glass milk bottles are considered iconic in their own right, especially with their clear glass material, their cylindrical or square-shaped body, and circular finish, which makes pouring milk from the bottle just as convenient as pouring it from a pitcher. They have come a long way, too, in that they are now available in many interesting shapes and sizes. And, part of the trend today is that they are enjoyed not only by beverage companies as drinking bottles, such as for coffee on-the-go, but also by kids and adults alike as personalized glass milk bottles for everyday drinks and party drinks, like strawberry milk, lemonade, and iced tea, as custom milk favor jars, water bottles, spice jars, craft jars, and many more.

So, if you haven't hopped on this trend yet, then be sure to shop here on GlassCoasterStore.com and find here the wide range of personalized glass milk bottles, custom printed glass milk favor jars, and other personalized glassware that you will surely delight!