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New Arrivals!

Make it more colorful and irresistible with these personalized glass coasters, custom printed hand fans, promotional items, gifts, and party favors with the full-color print of your logo or design! FREE Personalization is available for most full-color new personalized hand fans, drink coasters, and promotional item styles, so shop now!

What is it about glass coasters that we and everyone can’t get enough of?

  • To the most functional extent, they go hand-in-hand with all kinds of drinking glass and protect tabletops from drink spills, plus they are handy, that’s why everyone can use them anytime;
  • They make a perfect present as a wedding favor and party give-away: Start by deciding which beverage mat material you would like – whether it's clear glass, crystal, bamboo, or any other, and then choose from their enticing variety of colorful designs, shapes, and symbols to spell your message of gratitude and remembrance for your guests. Thinking about making them into one-of-a-kind pieces? Our personalized glass coasters will very well allow you to have your preferred design printed on each of them;
  • We think that they are one of the best recent additions to barware and table setting accessories. You see, every special occasion deserves a good presentation of your China, crystals, the perfect glasses, and silverware, and our glass coasters will definitely add a gorgeous and palatable look to your party table;
  • They are irresistibly beautiful, so if you are planning for a budget table setting with a touch of elegance, rest your guest's glass on a glass coaster, and you’re done; and,
  • The big plus, because they are made of washable material, you can have them sterilized, and of course, polished so they remain clean and will look presentable every time;
  • With everything from glass coasters for wedding favors, birthday parties, and other special occasions to the collections that will accessorize your bar, coffee, bar, kitchen, and garden tables, or restaurants and entertain everyone you’d be sharing meals and drinks with, shopping is a treat here on our online store.
  • Bookmark this section of our website now so you’d always get a firsthand look and be the first to own our newest products here on GlassCoasterStore.com.