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Stone Coasters
Let these Stone Coasters bring a touch of zen or the beauty of 100% natural stone to your table tops! Stone Coasters are functional accessories that you can have at your home. Not just a drink coaster to protect table surfaces against water rings, drips and scratches, but can be a charming and unique decor that you can display on your table top. Made from natural stone, these stone coasters, like made of natural sandstone, marble, and slate, can surely bring your drinking time into a new dimension.

Nowadays, stone coasters are fast becoming very famous in the drink coaster world because of its natural characteristics which the different stone types possess. Natural stone can refer to any wide range of stone materials like slate, sandstone, marble, granite and many more. All are types of natural stone quarried from mountains and made into useable products.

Here are some types of stone coasters for you to check:

Sandstone Coasters

Sandstone coasters are known for its ability to absorb the moisture from wet glasses holding it until the liquid has evaporated into the air.

Slate Coasters

Slate coasters have the same absorbent characteristic with the sandstone material and also known for its durability and capacity to withstand against stains and scratches.

Marble Coasters

Marble coasters do not have the ability to absorb water like the sandstone and slate coasters, but they are known for their beauty and elegance which makes them useful in a high end setting for weddings, birthdays, shower parties and many more.

Granite Coasters

Granite is a unique type of material that people often choose for their home because of its strong, scratch resistant and heat resistant characteristics. Granite coasters will surely give a natural table surface protection.

Great thing about natural stone coasters is that they bring you the beauty of the natural world right into your home, in a quiet and easy natural manner.

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