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Personalized Hand Fans
Personalized Hand Fans or Wedding Fans feature your name, event details, personal messages, and even your own artwork on the famous Asian hand fans. Keep your guests cool and comfortable amidst the humid weather with personalized hand fans so they can better enjoy the breath-taking view of the sunny outdoors or the cheerful vibe of your festive celebrations.

Shop Personalized Hand Fans for All Occasions

It's no secret that summer is the perfect time of the year to host a festive celebration under the sun or by a waterfront under the evening starlight when nature can not only promise a bright and fantastic weather, but also a beautiful and vast backdrop, i.e., like a garden or countryside's lush scenery and the beach or ocean's turquoise waters.

And when it comes to keeping your guests both fresh and cool in-between the fetes, probably there's no cooling implement that is as useful, as colorful, treasure-worthy, and can quickly raise the festive vibe of your event, than these personalized hand fans. With your custom design or message on their front or handle, your guests can only think of them as curated summer accessories that are specially-made to ensure their comfort during the course of your celebration.

What's even better is that whether it's a custom-designed paper fan that you choose, a beautifully-carved wood fan, a personalized sandalwood fan, or a personalized silk fan, your guests are sure to thank you for putting their comfort to the fore. Gather these personalized hand fans on a basket, lay or hang them from the chairs for easy access, or nestle them in a hand fan box to create the most thoughtful impact. Either way, your customized hand fans will surely please a happy crowd with varying taste.

5 Creative Ideas for Personalized Hand Fans

Your personalized fans are unique on their own, but did you know that you can make them even more attractive and perfect for your wedding and special occasions? Get your hands on these personalized hand fans and try these five (5) creative ideas for personalized hand fans to make them more of a stunning addition to your party details:

Personalized Hand Fans Place Card Holders

Nothing will surely touch the heart of sentimental guests than seeing their name hand-written correctly on a gift that is specially intended for them. You can, therefore, take the cue from this adage by using your customized hand fans as place card holders. Alternatively, you can wrap them as boxed gifts, tie a silk ribbon around their handle, slip a punched gift tag onto one end of the ribbon, and secure the latter with a bow.

Wedding Hand Fan Bouquet

Maximize the beauty of your personalized wood fans and personalized silk fans by using them as hand fan bouquet. Start by forming a flower bouquet from faux flowers, strands of pearls, ribbons, and other types of embellishing. Dot hot glue on the wooden ribs of a personalized hand fan, ideally close to the metal rivet and then carefully stick your DIY flower bouquet to finish. Ensure the preservation of your wedding hand fan bouquet or their deluxe presentation to your bridesmaids by storing them in a pretty gift box.

DIY Lace Hand Fans

Surprise your wedding guests with DIY lace hand fans that pair your lace wedding cake, invitations, lacy votive holder, or any laced party detail. Collect the extra cut-outs or lace trims that were used in your wedding invitation, votive holder, or party cake and glue them on the leaf of your personalized paper fans or personalized silk fans. For a themed wedding, finish your DIY lace hand fans with ornaments that reflect its theme, like seashells for a beach wedding or faux feathers for a 1920s wedding theme.

DIY Hand Fan Sleeves

When in need to wrap a lot of customized hand fans for favors or gifts, make it so quick and easy with DIY hand fan sleeves. Simply cut a sheet of paper, like wrapping paper, parchment paper, or card stock, into a rectangle then fold and glue the edges to make a hand fan sleeve. Finish your DIY hand fan sleeves with a printed ribbon and a gift tag that is printed with your monogram, the recipient's name, or details of your event.

Embellished Customized Hand Fans

Make your customized hand fans and personalized folding fans even more special and artistic with a DIY touch, i.e., by gluing colored rhinestones on their guard side, adding lace trims on their leaf, and drawing a sketch or painting their leaf. Use glittered pens to make your personalized fans a sparkling work of art or have lace as alternative to stencil to give their leaf a lace-like pattern.

Unleash your decorating creativity on these personalized fans and wedding fans and make your wedding and special occasions even more exciting by pairing your personalized hand fan favors with our program wedding fans for your Save the Date and wedding or party invitations.

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