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Square Slate Coasters Wholesale (Set of 40)

Product Information

Item #:SL100BKW

Bulk pricing ( applies automattically )



Product Size: Approximately 4" Square

Product Material: Genuine Slate Stone

Processing Time: 1-2 business days (excluding transit time)

Ordering information


Price: US $60.00

These slate coasters wholesale or bulk are the perfect way to celebrate your love for gifts and implements that offer a touch of Zen. Gifted with the durability, high temperature-resistant ability, and natural beauty of the grains and texture of slate because they are made of genuine black slate stone, these slate coasters are also large enough for small and big mugs and glasses alike, like beer mugs and small carafes. Have these slate coasters wholesale or bulk for the enhanced productivity and flair of Zen or stone in your home, restaurant, office, and entertaining needs. Or, repack them in sets or as individual gifts for your family, friends, and loved ones! Features:

  • These Black Square Slate Coasters Wholesale are sold in Sets of 40
  • Each square slate coaster in the set measures approximately 4" long x 4" wide x 0.125" thick
  • With anti-slip backing to shield furniture and delicate tabletop

Square Slate Coasters are imported from China
Processing Time: 1-2 Business Days (Excludes Shipping Time)

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