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Why You Should Go for Personalized Fans with Side Print

The fact remains: Imprinted personalized fans are smart and great-looking. They excite the people who receive them – even spoil them because of their handy size and versatility as cooling accessories. And, it is proven that they will continually play a vital role in getting your brand noticed and in sending your message – the very compelling reasons as to why they should be your promotional fans and personalized hand fans of choice! That is why nothing beats having imprinted personalized fans for keeping cool on a hot day and having them for your promotional fans, tourist souvenirs, business gifts, hand fan party favors, and as personalized gifts.

So, if you are shopping personalized fans with a side print, know that GlassCoasterStore.com can print any custom text or logo that you like at the best and lasting quality and at the lowest price around! And, if you are new to customizing hand fans for promotional fans, personalized gifts, and hand fan party favors – or deciding to switch from personalized fans with sticker labels to imprinted personalized fans, here we summed-up the reasons why we only print your logo, cool artwork, and custom text on the personalized paper fans, personalized silk fans, and personalized wood fans of your choice!

They grab the most attention with their professional-quality and lasting print.

When it comes to personalized fans, your custom printed text – rendered so neat as bright, professional-quality, and lasting prints – will grab the most attention. They never go unnoticed, too. And, they make your personalized hand fans smart and perfect for all, e.g., as promotional fans, business gifts, tourist souvenirs, hand fan wedding favors, party favors, and as the next best addition to your business’ signature hand fans for sale. Coupled with our wide range of hand fan colors, you will really be spoiled for choices. All the better when you can customize your silk fans, wood fans, and paper fans with your logo or text in the ink colors of your choice.

No assembly required, thus, they make your life easier without the extra costs.

Clear personalized fan stickers leave finger prints the moment you peel them off from their sheet. Cheap hand fan labels can slide-off so easily from the smooth surface of the folding fan's guard sides. Custom printed stickers, which strongly adhere to the surface of your hand fans' guard sides, can leave messy residues once they are removed. And, a fact that is frequently untold: The guard sides of folding paper fans, silk fans, and wood fans – despite created in the same size – do not always measure to the same size, which is why some stickers may not fit or are at least difficult to vertically center on each folding hand fan's guard side.

Your imprinted personalized hand fans eliminate all these potential problems, thereby making your life easier without the need for extra work and extra costs. No assembly required, therefore, they are ready for party favors. You can instantly hand them, too, to your customers and guests, slip them as freebies to your premium products, or display them on the store shelves, among many others.

With great prints, they create a high-quality impression about your brand.

With great prints, your imprinted promotional hand fans create a high-quality impression about your brand, products, and services, making them a functional and standout tool for increasing your brand's awareness, for stimulating your target market's interest, and for driving the sales of your products and services. Personalized hand fans also look simple as wedding favors, party favors, and gifts but they acquire an imposing and unrivaled elegance flair because of your custom printed text or message on their guard sides.

There are so many ways people can enjoy your imprinted hand fans.

These days, people have so many ways to enjoy their folding fans, e.g., as exclusive souvenirs, party fans, and as cooling accessory while on-the-go, while traveling, in-between their sports activities, on their summer or outdoor adventures, in school, at work, and many more, and only high-quality folding fans with a proven ability to withstand the test of time can handle all these tasks and more. Thus, you will be amazed how teens and grown-ups alike love folding fans for keeping cool. And, to truly make the most of your promotional fans and personalized hand fans, get imprinted personalized hand fans for that scratch-proof and tear-resistant quality. Printed using water-resistant ink, the custom design on your folding fans will not shred or run-off, too, when gotten wet.

It's greener to add your logo directly on your personalized hand fans.

GlassCoasterStore.com is here with you in protecting the environment. Thus, we are firm about spending our extra dollars on the lasting quality of your custom printed text or design as a step to conserving the earth's natural resources. Rendered using earth-friendly ink, which is almost as inexpensive as regular ink and hand fan labels, and coupled with our environment-friendly printing methods of perfecting your imprinted hand fans, we believe it's greener to add your logo directly on your personalized hand fans.

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Think GlassCoasterStore.com is the best place online to buy imprinted personalized hand fans cheap? Awesome! And, there is more to stash, like the exclusive opportunity to shop your personalized silk fans and personalized paper fans with side print in assorted colors, FREE set-up for one (1) straight-line text that is printed in one of our twenty-four (24) font styles, wide selection of exclusive optional designs, FREE $5 shipping credit on orders less than $150, and FREE shipping for orders $150 and above.

And, if you want to have your logo custom printed on the guard side, a meager upgrade of only $50 per order effectually means a cheaper add-on per personalized fan with the more imprinted personalized paper fans, silk folding fans, or wood fans that you buy.

So, get all these things and more from your personalized hand fans with side print! For your questions, our Personalized Favors FAQ page have ready answers to your Frequently Asked Questions. You can also reach our customer service representatives via email to Info@GlassCoasterStore.Com or call us at 1.610.438.0632 during business hours, that's between 9:00 A.M. and 6:00 P.M., Mondays to Fridays, except Holidays. Or, if you have already shopped our imprinted personalized silk fans, imprinted wood hand fans with side print, personalized paper fans, personalized saa paper fans, and imprinted personalized cherry blossom silk fans, do let us know what you love about them via email or by posting a review on their respective product page. Happy Shopping!