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About Us

Glasscoasterstore.com is here supply you with all the varieties of glass coasters you may need. We are the only online store that specialize in all types of drink coasters. Our store has personalized coasters, plain, frosted and clear glass coasters, heart coasters, crystal coasters seasonal themed sandstone coasters and many more. We can supply you with your very own personalized glass coaster for your wedding at affordable prices. We have a wide variety of designs you can choose from or you can give us any design you like. We have over 120 glass coaster styles for you to choose from.

GlassCoasterStore.com is also a wholesale supplier of all types of drink coasters at discounted prices. You can go through our complete range of glass coasters and choose one which is suitable for your budget. Everyone can afford to buy a glass coaster from our store because our glass coasters are suitable for all types of budgets, ranging from small to big.

A Glass coaster set is an essential part of any home decor. Drink coasters protect your furniture whether itís your dining table or coffee table, from the waters or vapor that may drip from cold drinks. Glass coasters keep the water from running unto furniture or a tablecloth and causing an unsightly stain. A glass coaster set adds to the ambiance of your room. In fact a set of glass coasters will give a subtle hint to your guests that they should place their drinks only on these coasters.

You can have a different drink coaster sets for each occasion; they don't have to be the same size and design. Your children will love our cats and dogs sandstone coasters. Depending upon the occasion, you can also have a set of formal glass coasters like our plain glass coasters or for a casual occasion why not try our lovely cherry blossoms frosted glass coasters. If you are planning to have an intimate dinner with your dear one, our good wishes heart coasters will set the correct ambiance for that intimate occasion.

For every occasion and budget we have the right glass coaster for you.