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Personalized Coasters

These Personalized Coasters and Custom Coasters tell a story through the lasting print of your logo or finished artwork on their front. More than great table accessories that protect your tables from the moisture and bumps of drinking glasses, personalized coasters also add more life and joy to your simple meals and dinner parties. So, for your office, restaurant, and special occasions, make dining and having a drink a much better experience by having these personalized coasters for your drink mats, promotional item, and party favors.

The Art of Wedding and Party Styling with Personalized Drink Mats

The art of wedding and party styling does not have to stop at pulling off the finest centerpieces, table linens, and dinnerware to match for if then, we would miss that small but essential – frequently forgotten – party detail, that's the drink coasters, which could be the only tangible remembrance that we can keep and share to our guests as a lasting memento of such wedding or party dinner.

Drink coasters, especially personalized drink coasters, certainly can do more than serve as a lasting remembrance of your special occasion: They can welcome your guests at the table, uplift the cheery mood of your functions, and realize a genial table setting even if you only have your wine, coffee, or beer left to infuse more life to your wedding, party, simple meals, or social entertaining needs.

For weddings and special occasions that call for elegant personalized coasters and custom glass coasters, GlassCoasterStore.com brings you your very own restaurant-quality personalized coasters and custom glass coasters that will both accessorize and protect your tables, even immerse your guests to your function of fine gastronomic and drinking entertainment and serve as useful favors.

Turning your home into a practical space for birthday parties, anniversary dinner, holiday fetes, and the weekend brunches, lunches, and impromptu dinner parties in-between can also become an easy feat when you have these personalized coasters and custom drink coasters as they can jazz up your tables in an instant. Add them to your existing collection of dinnerware and party glassware and let their custom design do the task of giving your tables a festive accent and your drinks or desserts a restaurant-like staging.

Proven Functional Business Gifts that Appeal to a Roster of Clientele

And, for your needs of unique business gifts, corporate giveaways, and promotional coasters, you can perhaps take your cue at how logo personalized coasters have served as promotional items and trusty beer mats to the millions of businesses worldwide for years now. Clearly, drink coasters are useful and appealing to a large roster of clientele, they are also appropriate for adding a professionally-polished look to your tables, meeting room, and corporate events. Having them for your promotions and corporate giveaways can even enhance your business' goodwill towards your customers and stakeholders.

Infinite Custom Design Possibilities for Seven (7) Drink Coaster Types

So if you already have a design in mind, then shop your personalized coasters now here on GlassCoasterStore.com! We have seven (7) drink coaster types for you to choose from, i.e., glass, paper, pulp board, cork, sandstone, slate, or ceramic coasters, and stylize with your logo, own artwork, or any of the 120+ exclusive designs from our design templates. We also have the largest selection of ink colors that suit a wide array of your wedding or party motif and custom design's needs, plus a choice of single-color printing, full-color printing which is exclusively available for our ceramic or tile coasters, and custom engraving for glass and stone coasters.

So shop now and reward yourself with the best shopping experience for personalized glass coasters, cheap personalized coasters, custom printed coasters, promotional coasters, and custom engraved coasters. Free sample is also available for your wholesale or bulk orders, as well as 3 to 5 days rush processing option for your personalized glass coasters and custom drink coaster orders that will be needed in less than a week. Truly enjoy these perks and more only here on GlassCoasterStore.com. Happy shopping!

Custom Drink Coaster Types and Buying Guide

Personalized coasters come in many types of materials and each is gifted with different levels of absorbency to suit your needs. Add to that are their unique looks, shade, and texture, which can channel a mood, a place or themed inspiration, and interesting pattern to your tables. Shop confidently with this quick rundown of the custom drink coasters types and buying guide for drink coasters.

Personalized Glass Coasters

Personalized glass coasters are a popular pick for promotional coasters, personalized coasters for wedding and party favors, and as personalized gifts for family, friends, and business stakeholders. That is because they are truly elegant and, generally, affordable. They can accentuate tabletops with an air of sophistication. And, they are perfect as drink mats, glass paper weights, and candle trays.

Being made of glass, personalized glass coasters, however, are non-absorbent and resistant to thermal shock and mechanical shock to a certain extent only. That is why, it is best to use them for stemware, coffee mugs, tea cups, and for drinks that do not sweat a lot. But, if the need arises to using them for sweaty drinks, like beer, we highly recommend having table napkins at hand to avoid drenching their surface with moisture, which may cause the glass coaster to stick to the bottom of the glass and, inadvertently, drop and break on the table. Alternatively, you can pick up the more absorbent types of drink coasters, like the cork coasters and natural stone coasters.

Personalized Paper Coasters

Due to their abundance, environment-friendly material, and usually low absorbency, personalized paper coasters are your cost-savvy answer to drink coasters that will have to be used for one or a few uses, although select varieties, like the premium cardboard types, are strong enough to handle repeated uses. As paper can be cut so easily and designed in so many ways, like with a painting, scribble, or glued embellishment, personalized paper coasters can be found in a wide array of shapes and offer myriad design possibilities.

Custom Pulp Board Coasters

The classic choice for beer mats, custom pulp board coasters are highly popular in bars, pubs, and restaurants as they are easy to customize, durable, firm, and reusable. For your beer party, they are the best pick for giving your home or cocktail bar a beer pub feel.

Personalized Sandstone Coasters

Gifted with excellent absorbency, personalized sandstone coasters can hold about 1/4 cup of liquid and as liquids naturally evaporate from them, they can dry on their own their and stay functional for years with minimum maintenance. Typically heavy, custom-painted, and backed with cork for added absorbency, they are an investment-worthy choice for gifts, for your home, office, party, and business. Having them around, you can always rest on the fact that you can enjoy a drink without the after-task of cleaning your drink coaster.

Personalized Slate Coasters

Made of natural stone, personalized slate coasters are easily recognized for their smooth, uneven surface and jagged edges. Highly resistant to sudden temperature changes, they are ideal for protecting tabletops and fragile counters from the hot temperature and liquid stain of hot and cold drinks, respectively. They can be painted or engraved and can channel an earthen, modern or rustic look to a tabletop. Keep your personalized slate coasters' natural color in tip-top condition with a regular polish of a mineral oil.

Personalized Cork Coasters

A popular match for wine glasses, personalized cork coasters are found in varying thickness and this, in addition to the component of natural cork in their material, dictates their ability to absorb the liquid spills and moisture from your drink. For added strength and to protect their edges from flaking off, you can glue your personalized cork coasters to a board or tile. Cleaning them also requires just wiping the liquid off their surface with a damp cloth and then following the latter with a wipe using a dry cloth.

Customized Rubber Coasters

Basically, like rubber mats, customized rubber coasters, including silicone rubber coasters, are bendable and thick, thus they can act like a soft cushion for your fragile tabletop and drinkware simultaneously. Non-slip, resistant to oils and greases, waterproof, easy to wash and dry, and heat-resistant, certain customized rubber coasters can even withstand high temperatures of up to 230°C or 450°F.

Personalized Stone Coasters

Typically made of the same materials that used for countertops, like marble, slate, and granite, personalized stone coasters are a great tool for extending the awesome looks of your stone countertop to your dinner tables. Great for hot and cold drinks, they are also durable, easy to clean, highly resistant to shock and breakage caused by sudden changes in temperature, and can be painted or engraved with your custom design. As they merely inherit the porosity of their natural stone material, certain stone coaster types are, thus, more absorbent than the others, with granite and sandstone coasters as the least and most absorbent types, respectively.

Personalized Ceramic/Tile Coasters

Personalized ceramic coasters are basically a product of ceramic tiles that are used as medium for crafts and sublimation printing. As drink coasters, they are non-absorbent but because they are heavy, they do not pose the same danger of glass coasters being lifted by the drinking glass once drenched with moisture. While ideal for hot and cold drinks, ceramic tile coasters have medium resistance to high heat. They are an ideal match to your ceramic drinkware and can be wiped or washed easy to clean.

Personalized Leather Coasters

Durable, versatile, waterproof, and heat-resistant, personalized leather coasters are a great pick for at least three (3) reasons: They can serve as the stylish complement to your table's leather chair, they are the perfect personalized coaster gift for men and women with sophisticated taste, and the ultimate drink coaster type that demonstrates your taste for class and luxury. Personalized leather drink coasters are usually expensive and may have their design printed, embossed, or engraved on their natural or faux material.

Customized Wooden Coasters

Protect your tabletop against circle or ring marks caused by your favorite drink with style through our personalized wood coasters. Wood coasters can be made from different types of wood such as maple, cherry, walnut, olive, oak and many more. They can be a natural and durable drink coaster to use at home and even at your office. These wood coasters can withstand hot or cold beverages. The problem with wood material is that they can get burn easily and can be infested by insects.

Custom Printed Plastic Coasters

With plastic material, you extremely have wide collection of available plastics that ranges from soft to breakable types. Personalized plastic coasters can be colorful and fun giveaways that you can share with your guests and friends. You can have your designs printed on the plastic coasters. Most plastics have low heat resistance and are usually harmful when burned.

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DIY Personalized Glass Coaster Ideas

Every bride and groom wants to have the most perfect, unique, useful and practical wedding favor that they can share with their guests without the need to spend too much. This is the reason why a lot of couples prefer to make their own favor in order to spare their money from spending on the favor alone.

Personalized coasters will make a wonderful favor that everyone will love. It will be good to give your wedding reception a decorative and personalized touch on every table. Drink coasters are practically useful household item and most importantly excellent craft project to make. They can be made from many different types of materials that are available in the market or even at your very own home and can be applied with some designs that will perfectly go well with your chosen theme.

It will be wise and easier on your wallet to make your own party coaster favors. You will surely have the satisfaction and joy of knowing that you made your favor yourself.

Here are simple tips for you to follow in order to make your personalized drink coasters:

Coaster Materials

1. You have to decide on a theme so will you know what to buy and what to do.

2. Choose the kind of material that you want to make as your coasters. There are lots to choose from such as felt fabric, cork board or tiles/ceramics. The first two mentioned materials are quite easy to use since it can be cut by scissors alone and so easy to find in many craft stores. When deciding on what material to buy it should be soft type that will not scratch or make any damage to your tabletop or furniture.

3. After choosing your material, you need to know how many drink coasters that you need to make.

4. Decide on what shape you want. You will need craft knife and cutting mat. For rectangle shaped coasters you need to use a straight edge ruler to guide you in making one. While for the round shape, you may use a compass, or any round cylindrical object such as mouth of the cup or glass or even the roll of a tape to guide you in making a round shape on your material.

Coaster Designs

5. After cutting all the coasters into your desired shape, you may use acrylic paint to decorate your cork board coaster or you may sew some beautiful designs into your felt material.

6. If you want to make your personalized drink coasters more attractive and unique, you may cover your chosen material with a top that is waterproof and can be cut into a shape flat enough to balance the glass on it. It will be nice to use a material that is washable since it is likely to spill some drinks sometimes over into it.

7. You can also have a Coaster top made of cardboard or fiber material as long as you have to make them waterproof for a better drink coaster favor.

8. You also have a choice to cover them with varnish or shellac for a thicker coat and better protection of your coaster against spillage.

9. For more personalized design you may have your pictures instead of painting it. All you have to do is to cut the picture according to the shape of your drink coasters then use a glue to stick the picture on it. Let it dry before laminating it. If the coasters are not laminated the pictures will be ruined by the condensation from your drinking glasses.

Others Materials:

10. You may also use ceramics or clay instead of cork board or fabric felt. They are also good to make coasters. All you have to do is to mold the clay in flat disks by rolling it into a ball shape, and then press it between the palms of your hand in a flat workstation. Carve it into some designs through air dry clay method and then coat it with a waterproof sealant or paint. For better result, make sure to coat it many times for protection against moisture.

Now that you have some ideas on how to make your own personalized drink coasters, you will definitely like to try it. Go to your nearest craft store and purchase the needed materials and experience it for yourself. Your guests and friends will surely love to bring home yourself made drink coasters. Take time to do it and see how self rewarding experience it will be. It will be a favor that you can truly call your own and be proud of. But if you donít have enough time to do all these stuffs, then you have a choice of buying it from us. We have various types of drink coasters that you can choose from.

Here, at GlassCoasterStore.com, we offer you a wide variety of personalized coasters to make your favor more elegant and presentable to give. You can have your initials engraved or etched at your chosen drink coasters. Start creating your work of art and try to choose from our engraved monogrammed coasters to simply engraved glass coasters! Capture your guests' attention by sending your heartfelt gratitude through our personalized coasters especially made for them.

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Coaster favors maybe a common and simple, but they can be one of the most useful and practical wedding favors your guests will ever receive. With its great and unique designs, your guests can't simply resist of having one. You can tie it with a satin ribbon to make it more interesting. This would be a great keepsake for your guests to have for the years to come.

Start choosing now the kind of design and style to make your coasters more personalized. Give your wedding or party a little twist by giving them personalized coasters as your favor. Make your family, friends and guests feel special with our engraved monogrammed coasters or engraved glass coasters.

Enjoy shopping!