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How to Make a Photo Coaster?

Photo coasters are a perfect way of showing our precious memories. It can be a great and unique token you can share with your families and friends. Everyone needs coasters to protect their lovely furniture from any stain or beverage ring caused by their favorite drinks.

Aside from being a table protector, drink coasters can be great and unique decorations on any space. One great thing about it is that it can be made by your own hands. You can choose the design that you want that can perfectly match your motif or theme at home, office or any special event.

In order for you to start making your own photo coaster, it is important for you to first decide on what material your coaster will be made of. It can be a glass photo coaster, cork photo coaster, tile photo coaster and many more. Here's how you make your own photo coaster:

  • Measure out your chosen material such as glass, cork or tile into a 4 by 4 inch square then cut it out. Place it aside for the meantime.
  • Choose the best picture you want to place on top of your drink coaster and cut it down into a 4 by 4 inch size.
  • Try to place a glass or plastic over your photo and place a cork or anything that would support at the back of your picture.1
  • You can use hot glue gun and carefully manage a layer on the four inner sides. It will be good to cover the cork, photo and glass equally. To easily glue the coaster, you can put binder clips on opposite side of the coaster then start to glue the two other sides which do not have clips. 1 Wait until the glue will dry and start to place glue on the other side without clips.1 Remove the binder clips and when the glue is dry repeat until all sides are glued.
  • Place a plastic "feet" on each corner to better protect surfaces.
  • There are lots of ways of making your photo coaster unique and stylish. All you have to do is to pick the one that you enjoy to create the most and will perfectly show off your personality. Try to share your work of art to everyone and see how they will love it.


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