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Stone Coasters

These Natural Stone Coasters and Personalized Stone Coasters are in high demand! And, the reasons are so clear: They are proven durable for lasting use. They are elegant as keepsakes. They are smart and easy to use as eco-friendly promotional items. They are photogenic as table accents. Maintenance-easy, they will also protect your tables from the bumps, heat, and moisture rings of up to large drink ware, like beer mugs and liter-sized bottles. Made of genuine stone, these natural stone coasters and personalized stone coasters will bring an earthen vibe to every space you bring them, too. And, with everything from real slate to sandstone and tumbled marble, plus all the others in-between, here is exactly where you can find the best and the largest selection of natural stone coasters!

Durable, Suited for Year-Round Use, and Unique

What makes stone coasters standout and different from all the other types of drink coasters? It is not only that they are durable, suited for year-round use, and perfect for your busy lifestyle and for your restaurant because they are easy to clean, especially if you opt for the highly absorbent stone coasters, which are quick to dry. It is how they come unique because – as a natural product – no two (2) pieces of them are alike, primarily in terms of color, look, and texture. They are also the easiest way to add a cozy and earthen vibe to your tables and entertaining areas, making the latter, therefore, an even better space for a drink, for dining, and for entertaining. They are nicely-weighted, easy on the eyes, and have a sophisticated look and feel, thus, they are easy and fun to use as drink mats.

Users also tout about the high heat-resistance of many absorbent stone coasters, like the sandstone coasters and travertine stone coasters. And, given their size, which typically measures up to 4 inches wide, they are large enough to go as far as protect your tables from the bumps, heat, and moisture rings of up to large drinking glasses, like beer mugs, plus a wide range of drink ware, like mini teapots, juice or water carafe, and liter-sized soda bottles. There is also the weather-proof ability of stone, which makes stone coasters naturally standout from all the rest. So, if you are looking for the best drink mats for the tables of your outdoor entertaining areas, like backyard, terrace, and garden deck, then take your pick from no less than the stone coasters of your choice.

Stone coasters, like marble coasters, have the tendency to develop a beautiful patina as they age, making them even more beautiful as the time goes by. Stone coasters are a great way to bring your love for the outdoors right to your desk, tables, and bar, too. Imagine how your personalized stone coaster, for example, can sit as a stone drink mat for the coffee mug on your desk and be your perfect stone paper weight in-between a drink! Natural stone coasters, including your custom printed, engraved, and photo personalized stone coasters, complement a wide range of decorating themes, too. In fact, they are hard to be missed as functional table accents for concept-based table setting styles, like one with a rustic, modern, Japanese Zen-inspired, Mediterranean, and tropical flair.

How to Buy Stone Coasters?

Stone coasters and personalized stone coasters can be made from all sorts of genuine stones, like marble, slate, sandstone, and travertine. There are the tumbled stone coasters, which are tumbled to achieve a unique, often aged, look. There are stone coasters and personalized stone coasters, too, which mimic the look and feel of stone, but which are made of fine materials, such as Tuscany stone, glass, ceramics, and even porcelain. Clean-up, the maintenance required, durability, and how they work together with the other elements of your decorating theme are factors that you may want to consider, too. Shopping for the best stone coasters, indeed, can be both a fun yet challenging feat, but not one that you can't handle, especially with the help of our tips on how to buy stone coasters:

In general, stone coasters are heat-resistant but not all of them are absorbent.

So, consider the type of drink for which the stone coasters will be used as drink mats for. The personalized stone coasters for your bar and restaurant, as well as the stone coasters that will be used for your home, dining areas, and entertaining areas, are bound to get wet by the moisture that will flow from the side of a cold drink’s glass or by the drink itself, making it important to invest in highly absorbent stone coasters, like sandstone coasters and water-absorbent travertine stone coasters. Other than allow easy clean-up and less mess while enjoying a meal or a drink, these absorbent stone coasters can cover your needs, too, for drink mats that will protect your tables from the heat of a hot or warming drink’s vessel, like coffee mug and select sizes of teapots.

Keep the type of stone in mind as your guide for easy clean-up and maintenance.

Certain stone coasters are easier to clean and maintain than all the others. This is basically due to the facts that: (1) They share the qualities of their stone material; and, (2) Some of them are more exposed to heat and moisture than the others. Sandstone coasters and travertine stone coasters, for example, are highly absorbent and tend to dry quickly, but depending upon the size of their grains, keeping them clean may also require regularly keeping them free from dust. Marble coasters are non-absorbent but they have those patterns, which can hide stains and spots well. Slate coasters are heat-resistant, but they tend to dry-out from frequent washing, thus, the necessity to occasionally rub cooking oil gently on their surface in order to revitalize their finish.

Personalized stone coasters, on the other hand, will require a fair amount of upkeep. To keep the color of your design vibrant for a long time, you will want to keep your custom printed stone coasters and photo personalized stone coasters away from prolonged heat exposure. Gentle hand-washing with mild soap and water is also recommended for extra hygienic purposes. In restoring the finish of your custom engraved slate coasters, you will also want to skip dabbing cooking oil to the area with engraving. This is to avoid damaging its painted infill or prevent its engraved design from darkening.

Consider how your coasters go with the look of your decorating theme.

Your blank stone coasters, custom printed or engraved stone coasters, and photo personalized stone coasters will eventually sit as functional and statement accents on the tables and spaces you bring them in. So, be sure to think about how they will go with the entire look of your decorating theme, especially if they are going to be a regular part of the latter.

If you are in the market for stone coasters, which design transcends all seasons, decorating themes, or table setting styles, you will never go wrong with the simple and classic look of the blank stone coasters or the personalized stone coasters with the custom print or engraving of your logo, monogram, or single-color artwork. And, if a pop of color is what your tabletops need for that energetic vibe, then take on the fun that the natural stone coasters with a ready print of your choice of designs can bring. Or, go entirely unique with the photo personalized stone coasters with the border-less and full-color print of your photo, monogram, or finished artwork.

Stone coasters, however, are not limited to drink mats. They can jazz-up your tables, too, as mini candle trays, such as for tea light and votive candle holders. They can also act as mini stone trays for your mini succulent table centerpiece. And, if you are adding them to your party tables as takeaway table decorations, you can just wrap each stone coaster party favor with a jute string or thick satin ribbon and a favor tag and they can add up to the festive look of your table decorating idea even though they are put simply on each guest's place setting as welcome gifts, enthusing table decorations, and coaster party favors.

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