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Where Coaster Are Used?

Uses and Designs of Coasters

Coasters have been known as our bar and table top protector. Aside from protecting our furniture set from any beverage stains, coasters have many other great uses that we would like you to know. Here are some few ideas:

Coasters as Wedding Favors

Glass coasters now come in many designs and shape to perfectly match any wedding theme. With their price being very reasonable, glass coasters are a great wedding favor to your family, friends and guests.

Trade Show Giveaway Coasters

Coasters can be a great giveaway to any event. Ideally if you are going to have a trade show and want to make a good impression with your potential customers and want to get their attention as well, then give them something which is practical and useful like coasters. Be creative and make your own coaster artwork with your company’s logo and contact information and hang them out at the show! Try to include your website address too and see how it will greatly work.

Contests/Event Marketing Coasters

Make your flyers for your event or contest different from the traditional paper flyers, instead why not make use of coasters as your flyers. Place all the necessary details of your event on the coasters surely every person receiving will be delighted with it. What a unique way to announce your contest with a coaster.

Be original and exceptional! Definitely with the coaster as your flyers the message that you are trying to send will be properly received and will be well responded. Add some more catch by using custom coasters as a ballot in your contest. This will be a perfect way to capture your audiences' attention and increase your turnout at the event.

Custom Shape Coasters

Tired of using traditional coaster shapes? Then why not start making your own custom coaster. You can have the designs, the shapes and the colors that you want to have like the shape of your company logo! We have the abilities to print and cut your custom coasters according to your chosen design. Your company logo may be a very good to start with in making your very first custom made coasters. It is a good way to increase your brand awareness. Take advantage of it.

Scratch n Win Coasters

In planning a contest or any event, try to include coasters as one or your giveaway prizes. Make custom coasters with a scratch n win area on one side and it will surely be big hit. Be the first one to do this in your area and definitely everyone else will follow.

Scented Coasters

Here at GlassCoasterStore.com, we have access to a fragrance library which we can apply scent to your very own custom coasters. Try to imagine your own custom designed coaster with a great scent. How amazing it will be!

These are just few great uses of coasters that we want to share with you.

Start shopping now and get the best coasters that best suit your taste!