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Sandstone Coasters are gifted with excellent absorbency. In fact, they are renowned as the most absorbent type of drink coasters. Made of natural sandstone, our sandstone coasters have the rough and granular texture of rock grains and they are made more interesting by your monogram, custom design, or a colorful painted artwork. Don't fail to keep your tables both clean and dry, especially when you've got frozen desserts and cold drinks to offer, by using these sandstone coasters for the latter's drink mats.

Your friends, family, and guests might be unique in every way, but surely there are some things that can unite them all together, and that is the basic need for drink coasters to keep their tabletop, especially in the office, clean and dry when they want a cold juice or drink to chill a busy day, or a cup of hot tea, chocolate, or coffee to keep their moods up.

Our sandstone coasters have attractive designs that can bring everyone’s mind back to the fine sands of the beach and the desert, the soothing and blissful sense of being one with nature in the garden or in the backyard, and the colorful sight of the natural environment. Here are some of our popular sandstone coasters' theme:

Garden Theme

Garden sandstone coasters theme display the many different nature garden views such as butterflies, dragonflies, birds, flowers and many more that can absolutely make your garden theme occasion truly complete and elegant.

Entertaining Theme

Entertaining stone coasters theme showcase the dining and entertaining designs on the sandstone coasters from wine labels to vintage screw. This theme will perfectly go with any type of occasion.

Coastal Theme

Coastal sandstone coasters theme feature various beach scenery that can help make your beach themed wedding, birthday or promotional campaign effective. With its many designs such as seahorse, dolphins, seashells, lighthouses and many more, these coastal drink coasters will make a great theme.

Outdoors Theme

Outdoors sandstone coasters theme will surely bring you to the outdoor ambiance that you are looking for. With its various outdoors designs, you can’t simply resist of having them all as part of your drink coaster collections.

Leisure Theme

Leisure sandstone coasters theme beautifully feature your favorite past time hobbies such as traveling and sports. You will surely love to have one of these drink coasters to remind you of your memorable happy times.

Seasonal Theme

Seasonal sandstone coasters theme will be great to use during holidays. It will be perfect match to your seasonal themed occasion and a charming gift to give to your friends during holidays. With its many popular designs such as Santa’s sleigh, Snowman, Deer and many more, your families will be gladly to receive one from you.

Southwest Theme

Southwest sandstone coasters theme consist of many southwest designs that you can actually collect. With its famous southwest marks such as medallions, gecko, desert and many more, these drink coasters are worth your penny.

Monogram Theme

Monogram sandstone coasters theme will make your coaster favor personalized. You can choose a letter of your initial that you want to have it monogrammed by us. This type of drink coaster will surely touch everyone’s heart.

Western Theme

Western sandstone coasters theme will remind everyone of the western lifestyle. Beautiful horses, Mt. views, old boots, Country roads are just few of the many western designs that you can have.

Other than their basic use as a glass coaster, our Sandstone Coasters are always in season and they have also become one of the most in-demand tabletop accessories because they can naturally fit themselves with nature when placed outdoors, and can welcome an earthy, outdoor feel when placed indoors, so you know that your family, friends, and guests would really love to have them.

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