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Story Hand Natural Sandstone Coaster (Set of 4)

Product Information

Item #:TS2292

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Product Size: Measures 4" in diameter

Product Material: Made of 100% Natural Sandstone

Processing Time: 1-2 business days (excluding transit time)

Ordering information


Price: US $21.00

Sale Price: US $16.00

You can now enjoy your favorite beverage with our Southwest Spirit collection drinking coaster set without the need to worry about the stain or ring your beverage can bring to your table. Try our Story Hand designed natural sandstone coaster set to help stir up your southwest themed party. With its unique design, it will surely catch the attention of your guests. It is made from natural product which can absorb all the messy drips caused by your drinks. Features and facts:

  • Each set consists of 4 drink coasters
  • Made in USA from 100% natural sandstone
  • Each Story Hand Natural Sandstone Coaster measures 4 inches in diameter
  • Each coaster set will have natural variations of the sandstone color and patterns
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