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Photo Coasters
Take these Photo Coasters for your wedding, photo coaster favors and gifts, or enjoy them as mini picture frames, place card holders, table numbers, or menu holders. In their classic, themed, personalized, and colorful designs, these glass photo coasters are sure to make a statement on your tables and make every picture that you slip on them worth more than a thousand words.

Photo coasters are multifunctional drink coasters. It can be used as a picture frame wherein it can hold or fit your favorite picture that you wanted to display in your very own home. It can also be a place card holder which will help lead your guests to their assigned seats. Photo coasters can be a great and perfect wedding favor and promotional giveaways too. Make your guests happy with the photo coasters memento that can keep a precious photo memory of your special day.

Check out our most unique design the Movie-Themed Photo Coaster Sets. Elegantly-styled as if your best photo has just popped out from the film reel, this photo coaster set would utterly delight the naturally-borne movie lovers and photography hobbyists on your wedding day.

Every season has its set of colors, and on spring, your perfect shot would perfectly be accentuated inside this black-and-white Distinctive Floral Design Photo Coaster Favors.

The wedding favors choice for the wedding party on a summer? Ideally, it would be the one that displays the beauty of the blue summer skies and the wonders of the beach in themselves, like the very pretty Four Seasons Glass Photo Coasters Summer.

Go for the unexpected with the playful and classy Mod Dots Black and White Polka Dot Photo Coaster.

Can we let go of the Photo Coasters that bear the symbols and messages of love? Oh, we can't, so we bring you the Capture My Heart Photo Coaster and the Good Wishes Pearlized Photo Coasters that would certainly move the hearts of your wedding guests more than a romantic story can do.

Remember the little girls who will walk down the aisle with you? The Baby Girl Glass Photo Coasters would definitely be the perfect place to store their prettiest photos on your wedding day. Creatively-designed with teddy bear, hearts, and rattle, we bet these also make enchanting gifts for your upcoming baby shower, and equally a wonderful surprise for the moms and moms-to-be on your wedding day.

For weddings and party favors that go along with any color and any party theme, we introduce to you these neat and elegant Glass Photo Coasters.

Take your pick now to add that wonder to your wedding and other parties with large selection of Glass Photo Coasters.

Photo Coasters Can Be Used in the Following Ways:

  • framing a photo
  • used as a placecard holder at your event
  • as an invitation by inserting a personalized tag of your name and event date
  • simply giving them as they are. Your guests will love being able to bring the photo coasters home and use them to frame their own special photos!