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Physical Properties of Glass

Glass is made up of sand, soda ash and limestone substances. 1 It is a hard material that is normally breakable and transparent.2 These substances are heated altogether and the molecules bond that is formed is a substance that we call glass.1 Glass has been used for many functions and usually a popular tool for storage purposes. Here are some of the physical properties of a glass:

Glass Is a Type of Solid Material

Glass is a solid substance and in solid objects, the molecule bonds are tighter compared to a liquid material.1 There is a less movement among them in this case. It only means that glass is a type of solid material that will not change its shape unless it being heated to a certain high temperature. When heated glass is supple but if you will apply too much pressure, it will also break.


Glass is durable due to the strong bonds between the molecules in it. Its strength and its durability mainly depend on its thickness.1 The thinner the sheets of the glass, the easier it is to break them. It is also hard to scratch it since it requires a sharp object in order to do this.1 It can hold a liquid without breaking.


Glass does not react with other materials and will not be a reactive to other materials and will not be decomposed by most acids.1 With this type of property, it makes glass appropriate for laboratories use and for storage of acidic food and beverage.1 Hydrofluoric acid and concentrated acid are the only acids that glass will react with.

Absorbs Heat

Glass absorbs and transmits heat which means that if you heat a glass then the temperature of the contents inside of it will react.1 The heat applied will make the molecules in the glass to vibrate faster that pass thru one molecule to another. The energy and friction being applied to the glass will cause the glass of bottle to heat up and this energy is being passed on to the contents of the glass bottle.1

Optical Properties

Glass is a transparent substance which means you see through it. Glass bottles can be colored. It is good in refracting light and separates the colors of the spectrum. 1 With this glass property, it only means that you can see the inside of the bottle. Great thing about glass bottles is that it does not deteriorate, corrode, fade and it is considered one of the safest packaging materials.2


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