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Shop By Occasion or Theme
Shop your perfect personalized favors, glassware, and party supplies by theme or special occasion in this section and see how we rendered your dream custom designs on the must-have party, tea, or coffee accessories. Guests are sure to love these useful personalized favors, using them as tabletop accessories can even make your tables camera-ready, even for intimate celebrations.

Themes give rise to weddings, events, and decorating styles with a more colorful, festive, dramatic, romantic, or unique persona and, just like taking the party to another place or time, the best themed parties and decorating styles are those that take you and your guests to two (2) places at a time, i.e., knowing that you are all in a familiar place but drenched with the adventure-filled, dreamy, or romantic world of the character, place, or time of your chosen wedding, party, or decorating theme.

Sparkling, Practical, and Elegant Personalized Themed Favors

Complete your wedding or party's theme with these sparkling, practical, and elegant personalized themed favors, which are made of fine glass, porcelain, and ceramics. Each of this personalized themed favor is customized with a colored and dishwasher-safe design that tells a story about your wedding or party. They are, essentially, items of everyday use so not only will your guests love them as gifts with a purpose, you can shop them, too, as personalized themed party supplies for the various special occasions in your home, restaurant, hotel, and catering business.

Personalized Themed Favors for All Occasions

From personalized favors for an Afternoon Tea Party to a Winter Wedding, even for a modish Zebra-themed party, and from your baby's welcome party to grandma or grandpa's special occasions, we cover your needs for personalized themed favors from A to Z. Huge discounts await when you buy our themed personalized favors in bulk or wholesale, you can also customize them with your original artwork or company logo, and pair them with our equally sparkling personalized glassware.

Party Ideas with Personalized Themed Favors

These personalized themed favors' easy to customize feature and elegant quality has made them a favorite addition to the most classy weddings, events, and places where social gatherings are best made. Know what else they can do for you and your guests as party supplies and souvenirs with these party ideas with personalized themed favors:

Themed Coffee Mugs. Give your coffee aficionado guests a good caffeine boost by serving the best brewed coffee of your wedding, party, or restaurant's coffee bar on themed ceramic mugs. Themed ceramic mugs also make perfect cups for desserts, like mug cake and holder for fruit or chocolate bouquets, or as container for the mini skewers or sticks of your appetizers and desserts. As housewarming party favors, wrap each themed ceramic mug with a decorative dish cloth and fill it with wooden ladles, whisk, and other kitchen utensils.

Themed Glass Mugs. Use for serving cream-topped coffee cocktails, for holding marshmallows, candies, and other toppings of your candy or ice cream bar, or as themed glass mug flower vase of your rustic wedding and spring parties.

Themed Stemless Wine Glasses. Make them the elegant wine glasses of your outdoor parties. Use as candle holder for tea light candles or for your DIY stemless wine glass candles. Wrap them together with a mini wine bottle as wine gift for guests.

Themed Votive Candle Holders. Use them as candle holders for the votive candles centerpiece. Fill them with gel candles in a shade that matches your wedding or party motif. Fill them with sand, a small stick candle, and pebbles to use as decorated candles for baby's baptism, a housewarming, or as table centerpiece.

Personalized Salt and Pepper Shakers. Don't forget the soups in your wedding or party menu and bring these elegant salt and pepper shakers on the party tables for everyone who loves a little salty or spicy taste. Use them on the cocktail bar as personalized salt shakers for everyone who loves a neat container for their tequila's salt paired with lime.

Personalized Mini Teapots. Fill them with flowers for your tea party as teapot vases for the flower centerpiece. Secure a string on each placecard and use these themed mini teapots as place holders and favors for an Asian wedding or party.

Personalized Chinese Spoons. Treat your wedding and party guests to Asian-dining style by serving soups and sweets using these personalized themed Chinese spoons, instead of the usual silver spoons. Use them for appetizers and desserts. Wrap them as gift for the office staff and co-workers, who can use them as their personal soup spoon in the workplace. Perfect as housewarming favors as a symbol of abundance. As wedding souvenirs, guests can use themed Chinese spoons at home as serving spoons for their everyday dining.

Themed Glass Coasters. Show your guests how you waited for them to come by greeting them with not just a pretty party setup, but also these themed glass coasters that surprise them with your wedding or party logo once they lift their party glass. Decorate these themed glass coasters with a silken bow and set them on top of the dinner plates as place card holders.

For special occasions that happen once in a lifetime, like weddings, events that are celebrated for your loved ones, like birthdays, and social gatherings that are specially prepared for the family, friends, and guests who you see only once in decades or rarely bond with, think only of making them grand, fun, and festive enough to leave a trail of good memories. Give them a tinge of surprise with these themed personalized favors that are made to etch and let the memories of your special occasions linger for a lifetime.