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Wedding Favors

Your perfect Personalized Wedding Favors, wedding glasses, and party supplies are right here and, not only are they purposeful, high-quality, and always great to use, they are signature-styled for your wedding, too! So, take these to your wedding reception. Play them up as your wedding souvenirs. Send these to the bride and groom's new nest. Or, amass these for all the dinner parties that you will have to host this wedding season, like engagement party and wedding rehearsal dinner. Take your pick from these guaranteed staple wedding glass coasters, champagne flutes, mason jar mugs, coffee mugs, and more which are every bit perfect for your very special day!

The Perfect Favors and Essentials for Your Wedding & Cocktail Bar

Finally, your wish is answered! There is now this one-stop place to shop the most highly-coveted bar and party glassware for your personalized wedding favors, wedding glasses, and personalized bar glassware. With a selection that is wide enough to let you to build your own wedding and cocktail bar, which serves its special beverages and exclusive cocktail drinks on wedding shot glasses, wedding cocktail glasses, wedding beer glassware, wedding mason jar mugs, and more, or at least let you set the wedding party tables with luxurious-looking water goblets, champagne flutes, and wine glasses that are customized with your wedding design.

Having your own set of these personalized wedding favors and personalized wedding glasses is simple: Simply pick all the wedding glassware that you will need for your brunch or breakfast-themed wedding, wedding luncheon, cocktail to dusk and evening wedding reception, and for your wedding or cocktail bar and then personalize them with your wedding logo, artwork, wedding monogram, or a design from our gallery and we will do the rest to print your design on these top-quality personalized wedding favors and wedding glasses in your choice of a classic wedding color, a vibrant season-themed shade, or a captivating metal-like printed shade.

Conveniently shop your personalized wedding favors and wedding glasses wholesale or bulk here on GlassCoasterStore.com and bag not just great discounts, but also FREE sample with each personalized wedding favor or wedding glassware order worth $150 and above – even FREE shipping on select personalized wedding favor styles!

The 4 P's to Consider when Shopping Custom Wedding Favors

It will be nice to give your guests edible favors but it will be greater to give them something that they can bring home and use for a long time. Wedding cakes have been a sweet and tasty treat that symbolizes couple's fertility and also considered as a good luck charm for a happy marriage. It will be totally awesome to incorporate it in your wedding favors so your guests will feel special and appreciated.

If you are still undecided on what favor to have in your special day then here are some things to consider in choosing one:

Price First of all, you have to consider the price of the wedding favor that you want. Budget is everything and always put in mind to have favors that are useful and at the same time budget-friendly. Whether we like or not, we have to look for ways to save. There are lots of online stores that offer low price guarantee with good quality products. Nobody wants to waste money on something that will just go to the trash. It is not good to give your guests a favor that will be thrown away because it is just like throwing your money away too.

Popularity It will be good to choose items or tokens that are popular or best seller so that you will be confident that your guests and friends will love it. Pick items that are on top wedding favor lists so you will not have a hard time looking for one that will suit your taste and style. Not all popular items are expensive so do not be afraid to explore and try one.

Personalization Many of the favors nowadays are offered with personalization although not all best wedding favors are personalized. It will be nice to see your name and date of event printed or engraved in your token. Everyone will definitely love to bring home your personalized favors such as cake favors and any other personalized themed giveaways. It gives a special touch that really goes a long way and it made look like that you have prepared and put an extra personal touch to it. Nobody can surely resist this type of item.

Processing Time When ordering your chosen favor be sure to order enough for your guests and make sure that the items you have ordered will arrive ahead of your event or occasion to avoid rush and stress on your part.

When deciding on what favor to give think of something and some ways to make your day even more special and memorable. That is why here at Glasscoasterstore.com we value your wedding or party favor needs. We offer various functional and affordable products that everyone will surely love and use over and over again.

Allow our personalized wedding favors and wedding glasses to take part on your big day and experience the uniqueness and elegance it can add to your day. Start checking all our items and choose the one that can suit your taste and style.