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How to Buy Personalized Drink Coasters?

Are you familiar with the personalized coasters or more commonly known as pulp board drink coasters? If not, then you may read this section and weíll explain to you some of its important aspects.

To start with, we produce Custom Pulp board Drink Coasters which are often referred to as Paper Coasters, bar coasters or beer coasters. We make them from the material known as Pulp board or also known as coaster board or beer mat. Coaster or beer mat is a mat used to protect the surface of the table and usually made out of paper to absorb condensation dripping along the glass.

The thickness of a coaster is measured in "points." 1 point equals 0.001". In the coaster industry, there are 3 main thicknesses of the coaster board that you can choose from:

  • A lightweight coaster is roughly 1 mm (40 points) thick
  • A medium weight coaster is roughly 1.4mm (60 points) thick.
  • And a heavyweight coaster is roughly 2.00 mm (80 points) thick.

  • However, please take note that a coaster board is designed particularly for the production of drink coasters. There are times that other paper products are substituted for coaster board. You can easily know these products since they are likely to break away very quickly when any moisture is introduced or even if they are laminated and covered they donít absorb at all. Nowadays, there are only few true coaster producers so it will be wise and practical to pick the right supplier of your custom drink coasters.

    There are lots of things for you to consider in choosing the thickness of coaster board to be used for your promotional drink coasters such as what will they be used for, where will they be used for and how long do you want them to last. These are very important factors for you to think about in buying your drink coasters.

    Remember, the thicker your coasters are the high level of absorbency and the longer they will last. Plus the fact that the thicker coasters are, the more expensive they become so you have to decide if this cost is worthwhile. The most commonly ordered coaster thickness is the lightweight coaster board.

    Shape of custom drink coasters

    Square or circle coasters are the standard or usual shapes of a coaster. There are others who want a 'round' coaster but we havenít tried to make that kind of shape yet but the circles and square are not a problem. We can divide the number of those shapes against to the total number of your order.

    Size of custom drink coasters

    The standard sizes of drink coasters are 3.5 inch and 4 inch in North America and the most commonly ordered from us are the 4 inch size.

    Custom Sizes and Shapes

    We can produce almost any size or shape of a coaster that you would like to order for your promotional purposes. In order for us to make your order possible, we need first to finalize your artwork and then create a pattern after they have been printed but we have to add a onetime cost above the regular production costs. Just try to email us and we will be glad to serve you with your next order of custom shaped drink coasters.


    You have to be definite or sure on the quantity of drink coasters you will order. Remember, the larger the volume of drink coasters that you will order the lower the cost of per coaster. We accept orders below 50,000 pieces and we made a Value Pack Coaster pricing for this. Kindly refer to the pricing tab below for more details about this.

    Custom Coaster Runs

    Try to keep in touch with us thru email regarding large coaster runs, custom shaped coasters or custom color coasters quotations.


    We use the most modern offset printing technology thus allowing us to produce great images for your ordered coasters. To print the chosen designs we usually use 4 color processes in which the mixing of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black colors to produce the most colors but however there some colors that cannot be reproduced using this process such as metallic colors like gold or silver. For other special colors that you want to have for your coasters we need to use PMS or spot colors.

    Packing Your Coasters

    For your custom drink coaster order, we use our standard packaging such as shrink wrapping and bulk packing into boxes for easy and quick delivery to your given address.

    Custom Packaging Your Coasters

    We can pull together all your custom drink coasters order into lightweight boxes and we can accommodate custom sized boxes as well.

    Shipping Your Coasters

    We do have multiple carriers for your large and small coaster orders and we will be happy to ship using them. However, if you desire to ship it thru your preferred courier then we will be happy to send it on your account with your carrier.