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How to Make Glass Coasters?

Anyone who is looking to add some fun element to the dining table or coffee table can make glass coasters at home. There is not much effort required to make glass coasters if one has the tools handy.

First step is to choose different colors of glass according to the preferences and then cut a 2" x 4" of each color with the help of a glass cutter. With this, one will have each and every coaster measuring roughly 4" x 4". Read more on how to cut glass?

Now edges are to be wrapped with the help of a copper foil.

Next is to use soldering iron for fusing together the long ends of different pieces upon heating. This is the step in which the shape of the coasters can be finalized.

Once the glass has cooled completely, glue has to be applied to the corners of the bottom side of the coaster. A flat side of a glass rock has to be added to each glue drop.

Once this is done, the glass can be allowed to dry and once it dries, the glass coasters are ready to use.

Soldering and glass cutting are both a bit dangerous tasks and it would be better to get this done by experts.