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How To Cut Glass?

Cutting glass is an easy process which only requires a few tools in order to have your desired glass shape. It does not need a lot of strength since it's the technique that matters.1

There are a lot of times that we need to cut glass, such as in making photo glass coaster, a wall art, glass coasters, and stained glass and for other crafts purposes. Glass cutter is the primary tool for cutting a glass and there are lots of ways to get the shape that you want from a piece of glass.

Cutting Glass With a Glass Cutter:

  • Use safety goggles and gloves.2
  • You have to make sure to clean the surface of the glass that needs to be cut.2
  • Try to draw a line where you wish to cut it by using a scale to help the cutting method. Maintain the scale on the glass and get the glass cutter. Press it down in moving the glass cutter from top to bottom over the marked portion. With this process, it will help score the glass. Turn over the glass and repeat the same procedure.2
  • Put the glass on top of the table and have it positioned to perfectly line up the score with the table border. Hold the sides firmly with your hands.2
  • Lift it until the score will be just 2 inches above the table and firmly lowering and breaking it.2
  • It will be good if equal pressure is being used to the glass on both sides.

Cutting Glass Without a Glass Cutter:

  • It will be good to put on safety gloves.2
  • Start by cleaning the surface of the glass with water and have it dry.
  • Try to mark the glass with the design or shape that you want to have.
  • Score it well with a sharp tool and avoid leaving any part of the marked line when scoring. You can repeat this process 2 to 3 times in order to achieve a perfect cut.2
  • Get a long piece of wire and curve it in the shape in which you want to cut the glass and put a score on it and recheck its shape. You may now remove the wire and try to heat it until its color red. Have it laid into the scratch neatly.2
  • Get a big, deep container filled with cold water. Submerge the glass in the water and deep it until to a level with the wire then the glass will break into its desired shape.2

Types of Glass Cutters

There are various types of glass cutters to choose from and each of its uses mainly depends on the type of glass that needs to be cut.

Hand-held Glass Cutters

Hand-held Glass Cutters are small and very portable which includes both the pencil grip and pistol-grip types. 4 It has a small handle connected to the wheel which cuts the glass.3 Oil is always used to lubricate the cut.4 The pencil-grip cutter is thin and can be held between fingers as you run it over the surface of the glass that need to be cut and usually has a tiny ball on the end of its handle which is very useful in breaking stubborn pieces of a glass. 4 The pistol-grip cutter is curved in order to form a thick handle held parallel to the table as you cut and good for working long periods of time.4

Band Saw Glass Cutter

Band Saw Glass Cutter allows you to make tight cuts that would be impossible to cut using a simple glass cutter. It is designed to lessen the time being spent on grinding and fitting glass for stained glass purposes. 3 Its blade is flat with diamond grit along one edge.3 It is quite similar to wood or metal band saws except it includes water reservoir and pump for lubricating and cooling the cutting glass surface.3

Glass Ring Saw

Glass Ring Saw is just like the band saw but it allows you to cut in any direction. The design of its blade is different which can make you cut with different size and shape.4 You may even cut multiple layers at the same time which gives you a quick result of your work with smooth edges.4

Glass Circle Cutters

Glass Circle Cutters are great for cutting small and big circles and there is no need for you to use grinders to smooth the edges since it will result into a clean edges when using this type of glass cutter.

Cutting glasses into different shapes can be really fun. All you have to do is to use the right cutter that will give you the shape that you want to have and be sure to use it properly and safely.


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