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Fairy Tale Favors
Fairy tales do come true. You can surely have the wedding of Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping beauty or be a princess in your own shower party. When planning to have a fairy tale wedding, shower party or any other type of occasion, better think of tiaras, castles, royalty and other fairy tale favors that you can think of giving your guests to make them feel part of your fairy tale event.

Sweep your guests with something that they can take home and at the same use every day. Make our magical fairy tale personalized favors a part of your occasion and see how it will bring a whimsical touch into your event.

Every girl’s dream is to become a princess and love to wear crown and fantasize about their big day. Take time to make your event unique and extra special by having some personalized fairy tale favors, fairy tale bridal shower favors or fairy tale party favors to go with your chosen theme.

Fairy tale represents “happily ever after” and here are some things to consider in having a theme like this for your wedding or shower party:


You can have an outdoor venue like garden reception and create a magical ambiance for everyone to feel your fairy tale motif. You may opt to choose a ballroom to make a Cinderella themed wedding or shower party. If your budget will permit you can be more magical by creating a castle.


Give your guests a first taste of your royal themed party by giving them great invitations like princess castle invitation, castle and clouds invitation, coat of arms invitation or proclamation invitation. This will surely excite them in coming into your occasion.


You can create a whimsical forest setting by having fake trees at the entrance and other places around your chosen location. Use small twinkling lights in your surroundings to give a different romantic lighting effect in your reception area. Have a green leafy vine to wrap around poles or to decorate in your doorways and even have them intertwine on top of your party tables. In your cake area, you can have a castle or canopy over it.


Treat your guests with beautiful and fantastic tokens that they can bring home and cherish for the years to come. There are lots of items to choose from. It will be lovely to have crowns, magic wands, princess’ shoes, castles and many other royalty designs printed on top of glass coasters, wine glasses, pint glasses, salt and pepper shakers with your name and date of event on it. These types of personalized favors will surely help make your wedding or shower party truly unique and stylish. Be sure to have the best fairy tale favors or if you are having shower party then pick the most unique fairy tale bridal shower favors.


You can add some extra accessories to create more fairy tale ambiance. You can have confetti for your flower girls instead of flowers or have some bubbles to blow in your reception area. You can have a costume party in your shower party to make the event more meaningful. Anything that you want to add to make your theme come into reality is possible. All you need to do is to be creative and let your imagination work.

Now that you have some great ideas on having your fairy tale theme event, you can surely have the party that you dream to have. Be sure to pick the useful fairy tale favors that you can have to make your guests go home with a smile. Let your occasion be memorable and make our personalized favors a part of your wedding or shower party. Try also to check our other favors and avail of affordable products.

Live out your Cinderella moment our selection of Fairy Tale Favors (unfortunately, we do not offer actual glass slippers).