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Personalized Wine Glasses

Personalized Wine Glasses for your home, business, and special occasions? Your family, friends, and guests will really love them if they are these GlassCoasterStore.com personalized wine glasses! Take your pick from our classic to wine experts' tasting glasses-inspired and designer-style personalized stemless wine glasses. Or, catch their heart with beautiful stemware that's high-definition printed or engraved with their your logo or artwork. Save up to 70% off with your bulk and wholesale order. Upgrade to 1 to 2 days rush from only $35 per order. And, add only $0.10, max $15 per order to have your design printed in a custom color. It is really great to shop here on GlassCoasterStore.com. So, shop these personalized wine glasses now with hassle-free shipping to your destination!

Each wine has its own unique flavor or taste so it will be nice to give your wine glasses a unique personal touch. Personalized wine glasses will truly inspire everyone to give a toast on your special day. This type of favor will be absolutely filled with beautiful thoughts and love.

What is a Wine Glass?

A wine glass is a type of glass stemware that is used for drinking and tasting wine that is made to both emphasize the quality of the wine and improve the pleasure of the drinkers. 1 Each wine has three parts: a bowl, a stem and a foot. 1 The shape of the wine glass can influence the scent of the wine so choosing a specific glass for a wine really matters.

How to use a Wine Glass?

The common way of properly holding a wine glass, especially when drinking a wine or chilled wine, is to grasp it by the stem. 1 This is to avoid the fingerprints on the bowl, and at the same time to avoid the temperature of the wine to be affected by the human body heat.

Common Wine Glasses

The common wine glasses can be classified into three types: red wine glasses, white wine glasses, and champagne flutes. 1

Red wine glasses

This type of wine glass is characterized by their rounder shape and wider bowl which allows the increase of oxidation. 1 The wine interacts with the oxygen from the air chemically and with the flavor and the aromas are delicately altered. 1 This process of oxidation is normally compatible with red wines, whose intricate flavors are smoothed out after being exposed to air.

Here are some styles of red wine glasses:

  • Bordeaux glass: It is a tall red wine glass with a broad bowl and is actually made for full bodied wines as it directs wine to the back of the mouth. 1
  • Burgundy glass: It is broader compared to the Bordeaux glass since it has a bigger bowl to accumulate aromas of more delicate red wines. This red wine glass is designed to direct wine to the tip of the tongue. 1
  • White wine glasses

    This type of wine glass differs enormously in size and shape. 1 White wines are best served slightly oxidized are usually full flavored wines. Many white wines glasses have a smaller mouth which decreases the rate of the oxidation process.

    Champagne flutes

    This type of wine glass that is consists of a long stem with a tall narrow bowl on top. 1 Its shape is created to keep the sparkling wine desirable during its consumption and was designed to be held at the stem to avoid heat from the hand from warming the liquid inside. Its bowl is styled in a manner to help retain the signature carbonation in the drink.

    Sherry glass

    This type of wine glass is typically used for serving aromatic alcoholic drinks. The standard size of a sherry glass is 120 milliliters. 1 Copita is a type of a sherry glass that has an aroma enhancing narrow taper. 1

    With all these types of wine glasses, you may now have an idea of what type of wine glasses you like to have in your wedding day as a favor. Great thing about personalized wine glasses is that you can have the design that you want that fits your style and personality. It will surely be a big hit in your big day.

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