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Flower Favors

Flower favors are perfect for your outdoor garden wedding or any spring event. It adds lasting natural nature’s ambiance to your venue and totally enhances your decoration at any occasion. Flowers are one of the most appreciated and remembered at any special event. Having it as a favor can give your guests a lovely keepsake that they can keep and use over and over again.

We carry various practical, unique and affordable flower bridal shower favors and flower favors that your guests are sure to love and adore. Feel free to check all our selection of floral party souvenirs below.

Accent your party with affordable, fun and functional flower favors. We have lots of wedding favor ideas, themed favors, bridal shower flower favors, baby shower favors, birthday favors and bulk party favors discounts to make your day extra ordinary.

It's not only during spring season that you can celebrate with flower party but a combination of self made flowers and season blooms make the flower party a theme option for any time of the year.

Here are some DIY tips that might help you for your flower themed party:


You can create your own invitation thru the use of flower shaped cookie cutter as a pattern to trace and cut flower shapes on a colored card board. After cutting it off, you may start to decorate the flower with your chosen various embellishments such as glitters, stamps, ribbon and many more. You may write or print your party details such as the date of the event, time and venue and sealed it off in an envelope that you have decorated too in matching floral touch.


There are lots of craft stores that sell several floral decorations that can make your floral themed event truly special. Homemade or do it yourself decorations are also a great option, many of which are easy to make and you have lots of options on what to make such as tissue paper flowers. All you need to do is to use your imagination and be creative as possible.

You may use a flower shaped rubber stamp to add flower pattern to your tablecloth, banners or a carpet runner for the party’s entrance where the guests can easily feel your spring ambiance. You have also the option to place a drape flower garlands over archways and the back portion of the chairs to make your atmosphere more conducive for everyone.


There are lots of options when it comes to flower favors or bridal shower flower favors that you can share with your loved ones and guests. You can surely paint flower pots and add some seeds on it or have floral beaded jewelry made by your own hands. You can also have a box of flower shaped cookies or a bouquet of fresh flowers. But if you have no time to do it yourself then there are some many personalized favors that can make your event truly special such as glass coasters, glass mugs, champagne glasses, pint glasses, salt and pepper shakers, stemless wine glasses and a lot more.

With flower favors, you have endless choices of what type of flowers to pick. Each of of them has meanings, too. Here are some popular flowers that you might consider to have in your day:

Calla Lilies. It is a flower known for its elegance and magnificent beauty. So if you want to express your admiration for someone’s beauty, calla lilies are the flowers that will perfectly send your message.

Carnations. A flower that is perfect for weddings. It symbolizes faithfulness and fascination.

Orchids. This flower signifies rare beauty and strength.

Roses. Old time favorite by everyone and each of its color has its own meaning.

Tulips. This flower represents perfect love.

Sunflowers. This flower expresses happiness.

Flower favors are always a stylish souvenir or token for your guests. A lot of these favors are re-useable for just about any type of occasion. Take time to check all our personalized favors and choose the one that best represents your theme and style.