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Anniversary Favors
Let these Anniversary Favors serve as a lasting proof of your marriage or business' success and wrap them as gifts to shower good vibes with the ones you love and with the friends and clients you serve.

Personalized Anniversary Favor Tips and Design Ideas

Our personalized anniversary favors rank high up in the popularity stake for wedding anniversary favors and business anniversary party favors owing to their versatile and party-perfect designs. Have unique anniversary favors each year with these personalized anniversary favor tips and design ideas:

Choose practical anniversary favors. Show your love and appreciation to your guests, family, and friends by choosing personalized wedding anniversary favors that they can use everyday. For your business, practical gifts, like personalized coffee mugs and glass coasters won't only make special anniversary souvenirs, but also as Thank You gifts that foster pride and loyalty among your clients, customers, suppliers, and shareholders.

Make your event easy to remember through your anniversary favors. Let your wedding anniversary favors or business anniversary favors tell the story about your anniversary party. Personalized votive holders, for instance, can serve as delightful souvenirs of your wedding anniversary candlelit family dinner while the personalized anniversary mugs imprinted with party hats, wine, and confetti for your fun-filled business anniversary party.

Go techie with your personalized anniversary favors. Have room for techie-style personalized anniversary favors, like our QR Code glass coasters, to add to your techie-smart wedding anniversary party guests or business clients, staff, and networks' everyday must-haves. With the fast-changing pace in technology that surrounds us today, not only will these personalized anniversary favors and personalized business party favors leave a lasting trail about what is in during the current times, everyone is sure to love them, too, for their modern, useful, and souvenir-worthy design.

Pick anniversary-themed designs that highlight your marriage or business' milestone. Show the world how far your marriage or business by considering the number that represents your nth anniversary as your anniversary favor's custom design, or update your wedding monogram with the color motif of your wedding anniversary party to recapture the memories of your wedding day.

Anniversary Party Planning Ideas

It has been said that successful relationships and businesses are not born, but made, and not by one, but by a circle of people, like family and friends, who made this notable event possible. So for your wedding anniversary or business anniversary, make it an event that is filled with lots of fun and surprises with these five (5) anniversary party planning ideas:

Throw an anniversary party. Always keep the fire of your love burning and have your partner looking forward for more years to come with a wedding anniversary party. For your business, you can host a simple cake-and-coffee sharing at your workplace or a grand business anniversary party to strengthen your staff's and business network's passion for realizing bigger goals in the future. Not only will such make your wedding or business anniversary an exciting affair, it also makes for a great opportunity to tighten the bond that you and your family, or employees and staff, have for each other.

Prepare a wedding anniversary or business anniversary video clip. Entertain your anniversary party guests with an audio-visual presentation such as a slideshow or mini film, that allows them to recollect the emotions of your wedding day or show your business' small beginnings. Don't forget to honor the people around by including their photos on your video clip, or by highlighting the triumphs that your staff has made for your business.

Set the mood of your party place with anniversary-themed decorations. For your simple wedding anniversary family dinner or your parents' 25th, 30th, or 50th wedding anniversary party, amp up the party mood of the place with anniversary-themed decorations, such as rearranging floral centerpieces in the same way they were done on your wedding, or displaying the wedding details, like ring pillows, wedding favors, and wedding pictures on the wedding anniversary tableau.

For your business anniversary, prepare a special anniversary logo or poster that will make your anniversary year memorable and decorate it around your workplace a month before your anniversary date and on your party, showcase your previous anniversary favors, giveaways for clients, old pictures, and business awards that will take your guests and employees back to memory lane.

Share anniversary favors that last a lifetime. Let your guests come home happy by giving them anniversary party favors that they will surely enjoy, like personalized favors, especially practical personalized favors, like coffee mugs and barware accessories, that can stand both as a souvenir and a beautiful addition to their home or everyday lifestyle. Wrap them as a gift or make them double as personalized party accents by arranging them around your floral centerpiece.

Involve the community in the celebration of your anniversary. Share a few cupcakes and goodies to your chosen charity as a gift, or to individuals who work around your home as a token of gratitude. For your business, make news and shower good vibes with your customers, clients, staff, shareholders, suppliers, and business networks as you step on another year by making them a part of your business anniversary's celebration. Pull the spotlight so it shines on your business, brand, or products by offering anniversary promos at most a month before your anniversary date, hosting a project for a cause, opening your factory to schoolchildren and families, and similar activities that will catch the eyes of the public and enable your business to leave a legacy or expand its networks.

Finally, celebrate your anniversary all-year-round but make your anniversary date or party a cheerful event to remember with our sparkling, professional-designed, and irresistible sets of personalized anniversary favors.