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Seashell Favors
Seashell Favors – the perfect seaside wedding favors – are here to shower your beach wedding and ocean-themed party with a lot more seashells, love, and good memories from the beach. Have them as purely seashell favors or lend in some class by using them as tropical barware or seashell party supplies.

Sea Shell Favors and Party Ideas

Bring out the most romantic side of the beach with a wedding reception or party venue that is festooned with sea shells, seashell-themed decorations, seashell party supplies, and these glass, ceramic, or Chinese porcelain personalized sea shell wedding favors, which feature an engraved or silkscreened seashell design, that will serve as the emblem of your destination wedding or of a love that is promised to be lived for a lifetime.

If you are considering a grand beach wedding or a big beach-themed, ocean-themed, or seashell-themed celebration, make sure to polish its sophisticated beach party look with these personalized sea shell favors, which will not only raise the celebratory appeal of your elegant beach setup, guests are sure to also love the sense of class and unique experience that comes with dining and socializing with your customized seashell barware and glassware at hand.

Our sea shell favors are of durable quality and made of glass, ceramics, or porcelain and embellished with a dishwasher-safe design of your choice, you will never be disappointed in choosing them as seashell favors for your wedding, as beach-themed gifts for your beach-loving family and friends, or simply as a fine addition to the beach party supplies and tropical barware of your home, hotel, beach resort, catering business, or restaurant.

Seashells as a Symbol for Love

Seashells, as a symbol for love, stemmed from various stories and beliefs and, perhaps, the most popular among them was excerpt from the Roman myth, which told of the story of Poseidon, the God of the Sea, who took a shell from the depths of the ocean and gave it to his wife, Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, as a symbol of their love for one another. From the same myth, the seashell was also deemed as a symbol of a man's prosperity, taking a cue from Poseidon's palace that was made of shells, corals, gold, and silver, and shell carriage that was often portrayed as driven by seahorses.

The beautiful scalloped shells, or the bivalve mollusks, are typically favored as the symbol of love among the sea shell varieties owing to their naturally-enjoined structure, which is likened to the unity of a couple, as well as of the strength and shelter that each provides the other.

In finding love, the seashell also teaches of us a lesson from the saying that goes: "Pick up a beautiful shell that catches your glance while walking on a shore before it is taken aback by the waves and forever vanishes into the ocean," which hints us about finding love, keeping it, and holding onto it forever.