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Cherry Blossom Favors

Let these Cherry Blossom Favors capture the mesmerizing beauty of the Japanese cherry blossoms that will decorate your wedding and special occasions, wrap them as Japanese gift for your loved ones, or simply add them to your Asian collections as an everyday reminder of the fascinating grandeur of the cherry blossoms as they welcome the season of spring in Japan.

About the Japanese Cherry Blossoms

The Japanese Cherry Blossoms, or Sakura, refer to the small and delicately-fragrant flowers of the Cherry trees, which are native to the forests of Japan or which are cultivated over the centuries in Japan's parks, gardens, and hills for their beauty. The Japanese cherry blossoms bloom in a mass, thus decorating Japan's picturesque landscape with a cloudlike canopy of white, light pink, dark pink, green, or yellow flowers.

The Different Varieties of the Japanese Cherry Blossoms

There are over a hundred cherry blossom varieties in Japan and the most popular among them is the Somei-Yoshino. Each of them is characterized for several factors, like the flower shape, which range from the bell-shaped Kanhizakura to the circle-shaped Kanzan; the color of the petals, which range from white like the Shogetsu, pink like the Kanzan, yellow like the Ukon; and the number of petals, which range from five (5), like the Somei-Yoshino, 20 like the late-blooming Ichiyo, and about 100 with the Kikuzakura, which are also known as the Chrysanthemum cherry.

The Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival

Every year, the Japanese cherry blossoms entertain the world, especially the Japanese locales and tourists, with their breath-taking beauty and the Hanami Festival, which includes merry-making around the blooming cherry trees that lets everyone experience the Japanese people's fascinating culture and local products, especially those which feature the cherry blossoms. The Japanese cherry blossoms bloom at different times of the year, usually between the months of March and April, but apparently it is the flowering of the Japanese Somei-Yoshino that is heralded as the true dawn of spring.

Symbolism of the Japanese Cherry Blossoms

The cultivated Japanese cherry blossoms are specially considered as a remembrance of the Japanese samurai and how they bloom for a very short period of time is likened by the Buddhist tradition to the beautiful but fleeting nature of life and have been regarded by the Japanese people as a symbol for motivation and inspiration.

Cherry Blossom-Themed Wedding and Party Ideas

Bring the merry-making tradition of Japan's Cherry Blossom Festival to your cherry blossom-themed celebration with these cherry blossom-themed wedding or party ideas:

Cherry Blossom Flower Displays. Let your guests experience the excitement of walking underneath the cloudlike canopy of the Japanese cherry blossoms, or alongside the blooming Cherry trees and seeing the finesse of the Japanese cherry blossoms up-close, with beautifully-arranged cherry blossom flower displays.

You can recreate the beautiful cherry blossom canopies by decorating the wedding arch with cherry blossom garlands and use cherry blossom centerpiece for the party tables. Decorating the ceiling of the wedding marquee with a wreath-like arrangement of cherry blossoms, or accentuating the chandelier that hangs from the ceiling of your party place with faux cherry blossoms also make for a standout idea. Don't forget to bring the inspiration, though, on your photo wall board, or have a Japanese garden trellis that is adorned with faux cherry blossom garlands for your wedding photo booth.

Pink and Purple Haze. Recreate the light purple color of the sky at the dawn of spring by accenting the white or pink floral motif of your cherry blossom-themed wedding or party with Asian decorations or Japanese decorations in the shade of purple, like light purple paper lanterns; having purple-colored accent lights; or, wrapping your cherry blossom flower displays with string lights that are adorned with faux cherry blossoms or purple flowers. The blend of pink and purple together not only makes for an elegant party setting, it also works so right on your special occasion that falls between the seasonal transition of winter and spring.

Picnic-Themed Dining Setup. Merry-making during the cherry blossom festival would never be complete without picnics under the blossoming cherry trees, where families and friends would either squat on a mat that is laid on the grass grounds, or dine at the tables that are setup underneath the cherry blossom's canopies.

A picnic-themed setup, thus, make perfect idea for the cherry blossom-themed wedding or party of your outdoor venue and for an unexpected twist, you can setup straw mats or Japanese mats, like tatami mats, low-lying tables, and large throw pillows, for the dining area in addition to the elegantly-styled party tables that are luxuriously decorated with cherry blossom centerpiece.

Japanese Delicacies, Barbecue, and Home-cooked Meals.Japan's cherry blossom festival is indeed filled with a sumptuous array of foods, like candies and sweets that are wrapped with cherry blossom-printed foils and packs, baked desserts with Japanese cherry blossom icing decor, Japanese delicacies, barbecue, and home-cooked meals that are shared by picnicking families and friends. So if you are still looking for menu ideas for your cherry blossom-themed wedding or party, why not pick on these food ideas for your party foods so as to give your guests an authentic Japanese cherry blossom festival-inspired dining experience?

Japan has a great variety of hors d'ourves that you can choose from and serving them on personalized Chinese spoons is sure to make for a great idea to greet your guests to Oriental-style dining. You can also offer a rich concoction of your favorite home-cooked meals or Oriental cuisines, and complete such dining experience with baked goodies, like cakes, cupcakes, and cookies, with cherry blossom-themed icing decorations.

Japanese Music and a Serenade of Songs. Sway your wedding guests to the beauty of Japanese music and entertain them with a serenade of Japanese wedding songs or a concert-style dance party that they will surely enjoy. You can also boost the party vibe of the wedding stage by hanging oval-shaped paper lanterns or cherry blossom-themed paper lanterns, and then let them shed a soft and warm glow of light to set the mood for a romantic evening party.

Japanese Food and Beverage Cocktail Bar. Bring the inspiration of the food and beverage booths that dot Japan's parks and streets during the Hanami Festival to your wedding cocktail bar, dessert bar, or candy buffet bar by filling it with a luscious array of colorful Japanese rice crackers, rice cake, candies, cherry blossom-decorated sweets and cookies, and other types of Japanese snacks and desserts, plus your choice of party drinks, Oriental iced teas, and Sake wine.

You can also make use of personalized cherry blossom party glasses and tea or coffee accessories to give your Japanese food and beverage cocktail bar a classy and personal sense of style and prepare paper bags, personalized boxes, or takeout boxes for guests who love to consider them as edible party favors.

Cherry Blossom Favors. Finally, give your wedding and party guests the chance to remember forever your cherry blossom-themed wedding or party by gifting them personalized cherry blossom favors. Try wrapping your cherry blossom favors inside Japanese cloth-covered boxes and slip therein your message for your guests, or quickly wrap them using organza bags and satin bags.

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