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Heart Theme Favors

Make their hearts swell with these Heart Coasters and Personalized Heart Theme Favors! Signature-style with the impeccable and lasting print of your sentimental message, no doubt, these personalized heart coasters and heart theme favors will be your family, friends, and loved ones' new favorite drink coasters, stemless wine glasses, coffee mugs, heart decor, and table accessories.

The Gift that they Will Love to Show-Off!

Hearts are one of the most popular and loved shapes around the world. It is considered as the universal symbol of love, so in order to show your love and appreciation, give them a gift and these personalized heart favors that they will love to show-off simply because they are stylized with your heart-catching message of design. There are items that are costly than others and at the same you may not be able to customize some favors. One thing for sure is that you can definitely find one that can suit your wedding favor needs.

Here are some of the popular heart favors that you might want to incorporate with your occasion:

Glass Coasters – are one of the best love heart wedding favors that you can have. They are considered as practical and best of all it can be customized or personalized if you wish. There are lots of heart designed coasters even heart shape ones to truly help you make your heart themed event even more special. Coaster favors are functional item to share since almost everybody is using it in their home or even in their offices.

Glassware – will give a different excitement to your party tables and even to your own dining table. Glassware favors can come in many different shapes, sizes and designs. It ranges from shot glasses to votive candle holders to stemless glassware. You have wide options on this type of favor. It can be personalized too.

Coffee Mugs – can make a wonderful and stylish favor that you can share with your guests and friends. Perfect for coffee lovers and can give them a memorable time in having their morning coffee routine. Your guests will surely love to have one of these to bring home. There are lots of coffee mugs designs and styles that you can choose from to match your chosen theme.

Salt and Pepper Shaker Set – will be a beautiful addition to your kitchen décor collections. It will make a useful, trendy and unique favor. Great thing about it is that like any other favors, it can be personalized too. You can have the design of your chosen theme printed or painted on it. You may also include your name and date of event for a personal touch.

Wedding favors say a lot of couples’ style and taste. Favors are small or big gifts that you can give to your guests or loved ones as a token of your special day. It is a way of saying thank you for being here and your presence in the occasion is being appreciated. But best of all, they are reflection of couple’s heartfelt gratitude and endless friendship.

There is no better way to show and share everyone your love for one another but thru using heart shape favors as a central theme for your wedding, shower party, birthday or any other event. Heart favors can bring a big difference into your ambiance and can make your guests feel loved and appreciated so let the love flow in the air.

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