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Bride and Groom Favors

Here are the Personalized Bride and Groom Wedding Favors and party glassware that your guests will truly love for their wedding favors. That you will want to stock and bring out on all the romantic celebrations, like wedding, engagement party, and wedding anniversary, that your business or restaurant will have to host. And, that will really bring joy to the couple as personalized wedding gifts and anniversary gifts because they can add these to their happy home and entertaining essentials. So shop away! There is the perfect Bride and Groom wedding favors here for you. Or, view our complete collection of personalized wedding favors for your party!

7 Bride and Groom Picture-Perfect Moments

Highlight yourself as the bride and groom with a beautiful picture or a smile-inducing caricature that depicts what you love to do together as a couple, or grab an idea from our list below of the seven (7) Bride and Groom picture-perfect moments on their wedding day for your design inspiration:

Happily Married Bride and Groom Portrait.

Save that first time you faced the world as man and wife on your Personalized Bride and Groom wedding favors. Think about giving your custom design a touch of whimsy with a wacky stick figure rendition of the bride and groom, or the happy bride and groom in a cartoon image with the groom holding the bridal bouquet.

Wedding Kiss Silhouette.

Seal your special occasion with a kiss – the epitome of faith and love – and wrap it on your Personalized Bride and Groom favors. Choose a dreamy wedding kiss silhouette for a fairy tale-inspired wedding and a cartoon drawing of a kissing couple on a love boat for a beach-themed wedding, or on a gazebo for a garden wedding. Spice up your wedding Bride and Groom favors by choosing practical favors which you can fill with chocolate kisses, like coffee mugs and votive holders, so that you can give your guests not only a kiss, but also a very sweet treat.

Bride and Groom Wedding Dance.

Let the memories of your wedding dance linger for a lifetime through your Wedding Dance Bride and Groom favors. The power of the music to sway the crowd to a romantic or festive party mood, traditionally, makes the wedding dance the signal of the start of the wedding celebration and how it entails the participation of the wedding guests has made it a symbol of the support that the latter have for the couples. So if you are up for the Bride and Groom favors that speak so well about how thankful you are for the love and support that your guests have shared, then opt for the Wedding dance Bride and Groom favors. Have them a colored silhouette of a waltzing couple for a classic design or a catchy caricature of a jolly couple dancing a hip-hop or a sexy samba for a modern twist.

The Wedding Wine Toast.

Toast to a love that grows and turns sweeter as it gets old with Bride and Groom glasses. The Wedding Wine Toast-themed Bride and Groom favors also make perfect souvenirs for your winery-themed wedding and couple celebrations, like wedding anniversary and engagement parties, that are laced with an overflowing array of wines or made more festive-looking with a colorful line-up of party cocktail drinks.

Bride and Groom Confetti.

Have a souvenir of the thundering "Hurrah!" that your guests will have to usher as you and your spouse make that grand exit from the wedding ceremony venue amidst a colorful shower of confetti, or grab them as confetti-themed wedding party supplies to ace a festive party setup without the need for real confetti. Stemming from the old tradition of tossing rice to the newly-wedded couple, i.e., to shower them with prosperity and abundance, the wedding confetti now makes for one of the most cheerful moments in weddings and comes in several forms, from paper cutouts to bird seeds and fresh or faux flower petals.

Bride and Groom on Wedding Car.

Look forward to a beautiful journey as a married couple with Bride and Groom favors that feature the bride and groom happily riding their wedding car – symbolic of their departure from the wedding party venue, or give it an unexpected twist with the bride and groom on a bike, scooter, horse carriage, or a colorful hot air balloon.

Couple's Favorite Hobby.

Give the world a glimpse of your favorite bonding moment through your Bride and Groom personalized favors that feature a colorful cartoon or sketch of a bride and groom that epitomizes the favorite activities that you love to do together, like watching a movie, taking your dog for a walk, playing board games, embracing the hot summer sun on the beach, and many others. Or else, have a bride and groom custom image that depicts the latter posing in-front of the landmark of your favorite place, like the Eiffel Tower, the Central Park, the Bridge of Sighs, and many others.

Need more design inspirations? Why not take a peek at your old photographs and engagement photos and render the one that you love the most as a dreamy silhouette drawing, catchy caricature, or stick figure so they standout as a versatile image, perfect for your practical Personalized Bride and Groom favors.

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