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Butterfly Favors

May all your dreams come true with these Personalized Butterfly Favors and party glassware. Let your family, friends, and loved ones always have a butterfly within their reach by sending them these irresistibly cute and purposeful Butterfly personalized favors, like glass coasters, wine glasses, champagne flutes, coffee mugs, and candle holders, as butterfly wedding favors or butterfly favors for your birthday, bridal shower, and baby shower or as custom gift sets on their special occasions. Printed with a pair of butterflies that is rendered in your favorite color, these personalized butterfly favors are sure to fascinate both the young and young-at-heart alike.

If you are planning to have a butterfly themed wedding, then we can be of big help to you. We have various butterfly shower favors to make your event truly loved and remembered. Our collections include Butterfly Personalized Salt and Pepper Shakers, Butterfly Personalized Mini Tea Pots, Personalized Butterflies Glass Coaster, Wine Glass, Champagne Glasses, Glass Mug, Coffee Mug, Pint Glass and Shot Glasses.

Themed wedding favors are fast becoming popular nowadays. You have to look for all the different types of decor that you can use in order to make your wedding unique and classy. You have to incorporate everything according to your chosen theme from your guest book, flower girl basket, ring bearer pillow, wedding favors to other decor pieces to make your theme be felt and appreciated by your guests.

Here are some butterfly theme ideas that can guide you in your future themed party event:

Butterfly Themed Wedding Ideas

With butterfly themed wedding, you can definitely have a sophisticated and colorful event of your life. You can choose bright and bold colors to give a whimsical look and pair it with bountiful cut out butterflies for your decorations. You can have glittering or sparkling butterflies in floral arrangement and add colored wings to be worn by your flower girls. Have some fresh flowers as your centerpieces with some paper butterflies on top of it. Look for butterfly favors that can add elegance and beauty into your occasion. Try to consider a butterfly release at the end your event for a dramatic touch.

Butterfly Themed Birthday Ideas

With birthdays, you can have anything that you want as long as it goes with the theme. Fill your venue with lots of balloons and hang some paper shaped butterflies to create a fresh garden ambiance. You can have the birthday girl dress in butterfly costume and match it with other butterfly accessories. Order a cake with butterfly shape for the guests to enjoy. Choose a butterfly favors or giveaways that your friends and loved ones can use and enjoy for a long time.

Butterfly Themed Shower Party Ideas

Surprise the bride to be with butterfly themed party that you have prepared for her shower party and have a wonderful butterfly shower favors for everyone to bring home. Plan to wear butterfly costume together with other guests for fun and memorable event. You may also order foods and decors associated with your chosen theme.

Other Butterfly Themed Ideas

Butterfly theme is not only for weddings, birthdays, shower parties, anniversaries but also for other types of occasions such as prom. You can even decorate your own home with some fantastic butterflies to truly feel the spring or summer season.

There are many other ideas in choosing this type of theme and you can go with the simple to intricate designs.

Personalized favors can be a great token to share with your guests. Having your name and date of event printed or engraved on your butterfly favors will make a big difference.

So play around with your great ideas and explore with something that is unique. Butterfly themed wedding can surely give enchanting elegance to any special occasion.

Try to visit all our other wedding favors and choose the one that will best suit your personalities and styles. Pick your awesome butterfly favors now!